Pitch Tips

In Equity Crowdfunding, success lies heavily upon crafting a strong pitch.
These tips below are to ensure your pitch represents your business eloquently, concisely and powerfully.


Your pitch is important !

Potential investors will judge your business idea based on your pitch. They will also decide if they want to invest in your business based on your pitch.
To guide you, we have outlined key factors and steps necessary for you, the entrepreneur to craft a near-perfect pitch. Should you require assistance at any stage, contact us at info@uprise.africa

Preparing for your campaign

Develop a value proposition

In a few short sentences, summarize what your business does, who your target market is and explain how it will be successful.

Answer these questions in your summary:

  • What problem does your business solve?
  • What are the benefits of your business?
  • Why would your target market buy your offering instead of your competitors?

Important to remember:

  • Keep your summary short ( 3-4 sentences )
  • Be to the point and specific
  • Compiling a quality value proposition is one of the hardest challenges businesses face. Nailing this part of your pitch preparation will set a strong foundation for anything that follows.
Set a funding goal ( that is within your reach )

Setting a target for your business that you believe you have the ability to achieve is essential.

Answer these questions:

  • Who is your target market?
  • Look at your network of friends and family. How large is it? Are they willing to invest?
  • Do you have other people you believe would be willing to invest in your business?
Valuate your business

Asses the value of your business in relation to the amount of equity you wish to give away in exchange for capital.

Business plan

In your preparation to start an Equity Crowdfunding campaign, it is critical that you spend time compiling a quality and well thought out business plan. This is because you need to capture all the information that potential investors will want to see like your idea, your market and your team.

Financial forecasts

Clear, well presented and concise financial documentation is required to ensure your potential investors understand your business model and have enough information to make a knowledgeable judgement about the potential of your business.

Exit strategy

Your exit strategy outlines how Investors will make a return on their investment.

Marketing Plan

Marketing must-haves include a marketing budget, content calendar for both digital and print media, social media strategy, involving influencers and paid advertising.


Logo and signage are essential in establishing your brand identity.

Building your pitch

Creating your pitch page

Once you complete your registration on Uprise.Africa, you can start creating your pitch immediately. Ensure you answer all points thoroughly and correctly, and you upload the relevant documents. The Uprise.Africa team will review your completed pitch and assess if you are ready to move onto the next stage.

There are three key points you need to communicate via your Uprise.Africa pitch page:

  • The idea: What is the value proposition? What challenges does it provide a solution for? How do you make money?
  • The market: Who is the target market? How large is it? What are current trends?
  • The team: Who are they? What is their role? What is their experience and qualifications?
Language Dos and Don’ts:
  • Use websites/apps like www.grammarly.com to check and improve your writing
  • Keep sentences short
  • Be positive and focus on benefits of your service/product and not just features.
  • Write succinctly
  • Write in the first person and not third person, e.g. first person- ‘I have been in the tourism industry for over five years, that is how I met my team’, third person – ‘The founder has been in the tourism industry for over five years, that is how she met her team’.
  • Write overly descriptive, redundant text
  • Avoid using contractions like can’t, I’m, rather say cannot, I am

The Uprise.Africa team will validate any statements you make in your pitch so only provide links that we can check. For example, if you say crowdfunding is estimated to grow by 300% by 2025, you will need to support this statement with something like a World Bank Report, or accredited online magazine, not Wikipedia or a blog.

Also if you refer to contracts that you have won, we need to see proof in the form of signed contracts or purchase orders to ensure the claim is valid. We will not publish these documents on your pitch page on Uprise.Africa unless we have your permission. We just need to validate.

Example: For the statement ‘crowdfunding is estimated to grow by 300% in developing countries by 2025’, you would reference it as follows:

Crowdfunding is estimated to grow by 300% in developing countries by 2025 (Ref: Crowdfunding’s Potential for the Developing World, 2013 US World Bank Report, Page 10. Link:

Providing accurate links as references and being as detailed as possible (e.g. page number, paragraph,etc.) will speed up your pitch approval process.

We verify every statement and conduct thorough due diligence on all submitted pitches. If you do not reference your statements appropriately, we will remove them from your pitch, and your pitch will not be ready to publish.

Use clear, succinct and personable language.

Remember you are communicating with people online. Their first impression of your business is the pitch they read. Make it count, make it easily understandable. We recommend that once your pitch is complete, have friends and family read over it and give you their feedback.

To reiterate:

Be precise: Sentences must have purpose and intention. If something is not necessary to add, leave it out. The more concise, the better. Your value proposition should be approximately three to four sentences long.

Be human: Use normal conversational language and not industry jargon, slang or hyperbolic expressions.

Be specific: If you can validate that your product improves sales effectiveness by 72% say it. Do not be vague and talk about ‘transaction rate increase due to the impact of marketing efforts’.


The language you use in your pitch needs to be free from exaggerations. Keep the text upbeat and engaging, avoid making statements that you cannot prove to be true.

Remember, people respond better to succinct information also expressed hyperbolic expressions cannot be proven and will slow down your pitch approval process.

Your video

Your video is one of the most critical aspects of your pitch to get close to perfect. People respond the most to visual content and retain it better when combined with sound/text. Invest in a strong video editor to make an interesting, quality video that efficiently summarises your pitch and introduces you/your team to investors. This is your opportunity to grab and maintain the attention of potential investors so plan it thoroughly and share the final product with friends, family, peers for feedback.

Keep the video or animated infographic short- we recommend not more than three minutes. Any longer than that and you are likely to lose an audience. Be clear, professional, stand out, showcase your passion. Use everyday language because it is relatable. This video directly reflects who you are and your business, so ensure you project the best aspects of both. Communicate your value proposition clearly- keeping the video focused on what the problem is and how your business is a solution rather than discussing technical aspects.

Pitch promotion activity

Once your pitch is live, it is not the time to sit back and relax. You have to be constantly active and engaging with potential and existing investors. Utilising your networks to help you promote your pitch as well as reaching out to your existing client/customer base is essential to succeed. Furthermore, you need to communicate with media to help you get your pitch to a wider audience. As a platform, Uprise.Africa will do basic marketing and advertising of your pitch, but because we are regulated, we cannot favour one pitch over another. It is your responsibility to do all that you can to promote your pitch. However, if you hold an event, hit an impressive milestone or receive a grand sum of investment rapidly, we will promote this on our social media and in our newsletter. Do not rely on our platform’s crowd to reach your target; you need to draw upon your network, fans, supporters. You are offering your potential investors the opportunity to be a part of a growing business, your business. This is significant, unique and powerful. Remember that when you communicate information about your pitch.