Uprise.Africa is looking for DealPipe Partners who are involved in Advising / Preparing Businesses in South Africa for potential Private Investments.

Overview of the Uprise.Africa Deal Pipe line Partners:
  • The DealPipeline Partner will have a dedicated dash board to prepare and submit a pitch on behalf on their Entrepreneurs on Uprise.Africa platform.
  • A Free consultation will be arranged with Uprise Team & Entrepreneur . After the Consultation the DealPipe line partner will pay the Initial On boarding Fees on behalf of the Entrepreneur (Maximum 2 Free Consultations can be arranged).
  • The Submitted Pitch will be assigned to Onboarding Partners for Financial & Legal Review and subsequent Approvals from Uprise Africa investment Committee.
  • The approved Pitch will go Live and DealPipe Line Partner will be able to Monitor RealTime investments into their submitted Pitches.
Nature of the relationship:
  • DealPipe line Partner may be featured/profiled on our website.
  • We will need to enter into a non-circumvention agreement.
  • The agreement will be on a consultant basis .The Dealpipeline Partner will be entitled to its Commission , when Uprise.Africa receives full payment from the Investors in its bank account or another nominated bank account, for a subscription of shares in Uprise.Africa and the relevant subscription agreement becomes unconditional.
  • 15% of the Platform Fee . The Platform fee is 8% of the funds raised but may be reduced depending on the size of the investment transaction. The commission will be payable on the successful raise by the company introduced by the DealPipeline Partner.

How you can partner with us

Uprise.Africa is keen to nurture the quality of businesses on its platform by partnering with experienced individuals who have worked with accelerators and incubators, getting them capital ready.

How do I become a Deal Pipeline Partner?

One becomes a Deal Pipeline Partner by registering on the Uprise.Africa web-site for approval by the Team.
Coupled with industry experience and an entrepreneur/start up network, a passionate belief in the importance of and the benefits of Equity Crowdfunding investing is essential.
Once approval is given, a dedicated deal dashboard will be created for our partner.

What is the criterion to become a Deal Pipeline Partner?
The key criteria include:
  • A network of accelerators and incubators.
  • Comprehensive track record of building funding readiness programmes.
What are the deliverables of a Deal Pipeline Partner?
The deliverables include:
  • Be a conduit to drive increased quality investment opportunities on the platform.
  • In order to do this, one would need to both source and prepare entrepreneurs.
  • This would include full support on the pitch building, with all associated marketing and PR support.
  • The final step would be to onboard.