Covid 19 cases have been reported by the media to be on the rise again prompting our Minister of Health DR Zweli Mkhize to warn that South Africa could go back to “hard lockdown”.

Now, that’s worrying for us as we all know that this would mean returning to restrictions as we have experienced in the past.

Restrictions equal reduced economic activity and therefore little money in our bank accounts and our pockets. Remember that soccer is still played before empty stadiums. Only the essential services sector will be allowed to work in a lockdown.

We have all seen what a lockdown can do to our economy and surely, we can’t afford to return to a “hard lockdown”. Team Uprise Africa is therefore calling on everyone to heed the call to demonstrate the commitment to combating the pandemic and help in the recovery of our once vibrant economy.

We need to create more jobs and for that to happen we have to create an environment where all industries are in operation. As has been the clarion call of our government and health experts, we must not relax against a virus that doesn’t yet have a vaccine to stop it.

It is our duty as individuals at workplaces, homes, and other places to encourage each other against relaxing. We have not yet reached a stage to think the pandemic has gone.

Let’s remind each other as friends and colleagues that it takes all our contributions to fight the pandemic. That it is not only the responsibility of the government or health ministry to lead in the eradication of Covid 19. We’re all in it together, and we can win this war.

As Dr Mkhize tweeted on 26 October: “#Covid 19 is not gone yet. We must continue to protect ourselves and each other.”
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