Uprise Africa Making a Difference in the Society

Uprise Africa Making a Difference in the Society

“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived; it is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead,” – Nelson Mandela.
Uprise Africa has replicated this quote as the equity crowdfunding platform continues to enable the ordinary person to enter the investment arena and buy shares in a convenient way. The user-friendly platform affords ordinary people opportunity to invest as little as R1000.

Investors are able to realize their financial dreams as the chance of seeing the company they would have bought shares is always promising, more so based on the stringent due diligence process performed by the team of experts tasked with ensuring which start-ups are brought into the platform to raise funds.

So by enabling the lowest strata of the society, assuming that R1000 investors are drawn from there, Uprise Africa is playing a significant role in society by transforming the lives of ordinary people. In a country where jobs are scarce, the low level citizen who might have hustled a thousand rand is able to grow their wealth and become “somebody” in the quickest of time. High probability is that as the company they would have invested grows, simultaneously the investor’s share value appreciates.

Uprise Africa is also making it easy for those keen to create wealth through honest means do it with a company that has client’s (investors) interests at heart. The platform is an empowerment innovation that South Africa needs. It vision of making everyone financially empowered should be lauded as it is determining the significance of the life it leads. Prospects for the long term looks bright, as its stock and reputation have both dramatically increased, especially on the back of the recent overwhelming success of raises for two companies, Intergreatme and Drifter Brewing Company.

Visit www.upriseafrica.com for more on investment or share buying deals.

Attend Uprise Africa’s Workshops to Appraise Yourself

Attend Uprise Africa’s Workshops to Appraise Yourself

In this age of the internet, its common knowledge that there are many ways to access pertaining to something you really want to know about. However, there is also, information that you cannot easily access online. A face-to-face event brings with it certain dynamics such as physical interaction and networking with pros that one can do at an event. Where the internet can experience glitches, face-to-face events provide an environment where people do not have to get worried about things like losing connection and related challenges.

In this vein, therefore Uprise Africa has a strategy where it operates money market offices located across the country’s major cities, and for the time being specifically in Johannesburg and Cape Town. These are aptly branded as Uprise Markets and are state-of-the-art facilities where clients can come in and get to be attended to by dedicated and trained professional staff. These centers are well equipped and staffed to cater for everything one needs to know about crowdfunding, investment and entrepreneurship opportunities.

This is all done as a commitment to teach you what you need to know to succeed in a business or investment, depending on which you may want to focus on. Once you are inside the Uprise Markets shops, clients are served with various refreshments such as coffee and other beverages, and this is free of charge. The two Uprise Markets centers in Johannesburg and Cape Town have since being launched proven to be quite popular with both entrepreneurs and investors. It is within the parent company Uprise Africa’s future plans to spread the shops to other economically thriving regions of South Africa. So, if you are based in areas like Pretoria, Durban, Port Elizabeth, Mpumalanga and so on, don’t despair as the Uprise Markets carpet will soon be rolled away for you. However, this does not mean that potential clients from the currently non-serviced areas can’t take part in investment opportunities presented by Uprise Markets, as they can travel, if they need, to the nearest center in the big cities to get information.

In the mean-time, clients can easily book an appointment at any of the two offices in either Johannesburg or Cape Town. However, for you to attend the workshops outside these two places, you have to regularly check our website for latest updates and you will be informed when exactly a center is opening or a workshop is coming near you. So don’t get left behind as the dawn of equity crowdfunding is bringing unprecedented excitement to the investment and entrepreneurial community in South Africa.

The website to see more is www.upriseafrica.com and your life will change for the better.

Uprise Africa Wins International Award

Uprise Africa Wins International Award

Uprise Africa, South Africa’s leading crowdfunding platform has been awarded 2019’s Best New Online Platform For Investments by International Finance (UK). International Finance is a premium financial and business analysis magazine published by UK’s top International Finance Publications.

“We are pleased to inform you that Uprise Africa has emerged as an award winner for Best New Online Platform For Investments 2019. IFM would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Team Uprise Africa on winning the award!” read a message from the awards organisers. The award sees Uprise Africa being noted among some of the leading global players in the finance community. A total of 47 categories were drawn from crowdfunding, investment management, venture capital, consumer finance, investment advisory, asset management, microfinance, financial services provision, supply chain financing, leasing, stock market index provision, digital banking and more. This is an affirmation of Uprise Africa’s sterling and ground-breaking work in the crowdfunding field in South Africa.

The award also comes at a time when the company is still in celebratory mood as a result of the historical fund raising for one of its clients Integreatme, which managed to raise R32-million, surpassing the initial target of R24-million in less than 14 days. “International Finance’s Financial Awards aim to reward and recognise the contribution of financial companies, which include path-breaking initiatives in corporate social financial responsibility or charitable activities, corporate governance and activities that benefits the global finance community, in addition to their outstanding performance in the respective fields” according to the site Internationalfinance.com.

With a discerning focus on emerging markets, International Finance provides news, analysis and commentary from a range of industry experts, contributors and writers. The editorial team’s endeavour is to address economic and business developments, and provide engaging, informative and factual content everyday.

For more on the awards go to https://awards.internationalfinance.com/award-winners/winners-of-financial-awards-2019/

Visit www.upriseafrica.com to learn more on investment opportunities.

Breaking South Africa’s Equity Crowd Funding Records

Breaking South Africa’s Equity Crowd Funding Records

Uprise. Africa’s emergence on the South African equity crowdfunding sphere offers a welcome break for entrepreneurs or start-ups looking to raise funds and who now have a perfect solution to the problems new businesses normally face within easy reach.

The Johannesburg based equity crowdfunding firm aptly flexed muscle in the industry, with a well-attended and highly interactive launch of one of its client’s Integreatme, in Sandton.
The experience was impressive and electric as an enthusiastic, multiracial guest list took turns to ask robust questions on how to invest in the Regtech platform Integreatme. The event must be the most talked about at the moment and may well be in the rest of the year in South Africa and even the African continent.

For those not in the know, Uprise.Africa broke South African and African records as the Intergreatme equity drive finally netted a whopping R32-million that is way past the initially targeted R24-million.
With the manner in which investors tripped themselves up to invest in this potentially global tech player, there was no doubt the amount wasn’t a long short. It would be much safer to say the buying would have gone and on as people realized the emergence of Integreatme is really a tech giant in the making – set to be in the league of players like Apple.

The initiative made it possible for everyday South Africans with a minimum of R1000 (and a maximum R5-million) to invest in a local tech business that rivals the best in global regulatory technology.

Intergreatme has a vision to craft a world where consumers never fill out a form again. The award winning Regtech Platform (Web and App), is fast becoming South Africa’s go-to technology platform for small, medium and large businesses to consume verified personal information on demand. Consulting to various Telcos, financial institutions, they are leaders in technological solutions and partners to some of the world’s most trusted source databases and perfectly positioned to be the next “Apple” or “Google” of our time.

“The frustration of constantly having to fill out forms and carry personal documentation on-the-go, is a daily issue facing every citizen in this country,” says Luke Warner, cofounder of Integreatme.
“We addressed this frustration by developing an award-winning web and app platform, which transforms onboarding for businesses and digitizing personal information for over 25 million credit active South Africans. Now we are looking for capital to take our business to the next level, and to benefit ordinary citizens in the process,” he added.

Warner and his team have dreams to extend Integreatme beyond South Africa’s borders to reach the estimated five billion credit active citizens globally.
“The market potential for our product is vast. Regtech has been described as the new wave in fintech,” Warner said.

According to Forbes, research conducted by The Trade, US banks spent $100-billion on compliance in 2016 alone. Demand is growing globally for identity compliance and recent fines imposed on large corporates, such as MTN in Nigeria, who fail to do so, point to the need for tighter risk management and its automation.

“The crowdfunding campaign for Intergreatme was a historic moment, and one which we hope will fundamentally change the current funding landscape in South Africa,” said Tabz Qadir, CEO of Uprise Africa.
Warner and his team hope that the crowdfunding initiative via Uprise Africa will pave the way for smaller startups to seek funding and validation by ordinary people as well.
This is history in the making and Uprise.Africa is fast-moving and proving to be the country’s go to source for raising funds for entrepreneurs. Watch this space.


Grab the Opportunity to Entrepreneurial Empowerment

Grab the Opportunity to Entrepreneurial Empowerment

In a world where everyone wishes to have financially advantage, it’s important to constantly look out for opportunities with potential to build personal wealth. The good thing is that if you care to look around opportunities exist to transform an individual’s financial situation. And the rewards can be amazing!

Uprise.Africa’s equity crowdfunding platform features quite valuable information on how one can partake in specific start-up opportunities and be able to realize a dream to financial freedom.
Presently, the Uprise.Africa site features start-ups like Lula, which is quite lucrative for any discerning investor and frankly speaking, is there for the taking. Lula is a Cape Town based rideshare app that connects corporate commuters to private shuttles. The company is seeking to raise R2,5 million through the Equity Crowdfunding platform, Uprise.Africa.

While the Lula opportunity is still much open, two share buying windows have since closed, for Drifter Brewing Company and Integreatme. Integreatme closed on 25 May 2019 on R32-million, and followed the successful crowdfunding campaign for Drifter Brewing Company which raised R4-million – a figure that is more than the initial target of $3-million.

Drifter is among top craft beer manufacturers in South Africa and a brand that is already a favorite on the export markets of southern Africa, with export plans to the US, Europe and Asia currently in the pipe line.
All this points Uprise Africa on an upward trajectory, as it is proving that the crowdfunding space which is still new in South Africa is a viable and trust worthy option to raise capital for businesses.