Lead the way in giving this festive season

Lead the way in giving this festive season

A warm welcome to the Festive Season, the most awaited season in a year! But this particular one is totally different, for reasons we all know – the dreaded LOCKDOWN!

We have been in lockdown for almost half a year and now we’re in Level 1. We’re all slumped down having done little to earn an income. Really hard it’s been, isn’t it! Though most businesses had their workforce working from home, remotely.

While remote workers have had some earnings to show, in most cases this was just to get us by. Still, life had to go on, isn’t it, in a time that almost every company has been affected in many different ways.

For Uprise Africa, lockdown meant that we have had little or no tangible activity. We’re ending the year looking back on lost opportunities yet we are glad to be able to look ahead with optimism – of the world finding a vaccine and better still for us getting campaigns going.

Owing to the lockdown, we have had no campaigns to talk about. And even when the Coronavirus situation is easing, things are slowly returning to normal business-wise. This reality is unprecedented, and the effects devastating, physically and emotionally.

However, let’s not lose hope as the new normal is promising a new way of doing things in business. Maintaining hope should also spur us to try and help where we can even when things are not as good as before, finance-wise. After all, giving is not all about having abundance but just sharing the little in our possession.

Even the Bible teaches us to give not since we have something but since we have to show our love to family, friends, workmates, and communities.

So as the Festive Season unfolds let’s all get ready to give with all our hearts and smiles, while we wait to kick-start our pursuits for wealth creation in the new-year.

Lastly, but not least, in case we won’t have time to say goodbye before the year ends, Happy Holidays to everyone, and let’s not forget to keep ourselves masked, sanitized, and socially distanced all the time.

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