Invest Early To Avoid “Starving”

Invest Early To Avoid “Starving”

If you’re seeking to make money you should always make it a point to follow successful personalities or influencers!
One of those to follow is American Darren Hardy, globally known for the quote “The early bird gets the worm, the rest starve”.

Hardy’s occupation is described as Writer, CEO Advisor, High-Performance Trainer, and Motivational Speaker. The man who once published Success, a business-related magazine that contained business and self-improvement advice from entrepreneurs and others is really among the most knowledgeable globally.

So the quote is by someone who has influence in the world of business and should be listened to and followed. His quote is quite apt in the world of investment. It means that if you don’t get to invest early in a start-up, which usually is a nice way to create wealth, you are most probably destined to lose out. Once you lose on a start-up investment, you’ve also lost the chance to grow with a particular organization.

The moral of giving Hardy’s example is that here in South Africa, investors with an eye for creating wealth through investing in emerging companies or start-ups should take it upon themselves to be early birds with their investments. There are no two ways about it – to succeed one must be early in placing an investment order once they have decided to be part of the growth of the company that excites them.

For once a share buying window closes, there is no way it can be reopened. So procrastination in investing in a start-up that you have already developed interest leads to lost opportunities as a result of the company getting to close without your share. It is common to see investors calling in to invest in a company that has already closed the share buying window. In the end, some people get frustrated due to a vanished chance.

As Uprise Africa we advise that once you have seen the potential of a start-up on our platforms, you have to rush with your money to invest. Otherwise, you risk “starving.”

To avoid “starving” be the early worm to invest in our new campaigns. Visit for wealth empowerment opportunities.

Uprise Africa Continues To Unveil New Campaigns

Uprise Africa Continues To Unveil New Campaigns

It’s halfway through the year, and what a fantastic time it already has been so far. Unbelievable and exciting how quick we maintain the streak of unlocking new and innovative campaigns. The pace we are doing it is good for all – foremost being prospective investors, followed by the economy and then the job hunting market.

Also, we take pride in the fact that the campaigns are coming in all shapes and sizes, from entertainment, beverage / FMCG, sport, transport to tech industries. This wide selection of new start-up companies caters to many investment tastes, and we are confident their translation into more people with the ability to in the end find not only something they want but precisely a start-up worthy to invest in.

Taking you back in time a bit, though the LULA campaign ended without reaching the targeted goal of funds raised, we can confidently state that the campaign had quite encouraging exposure as indicated by the coverage by radio and television stations. Both media platforms giving the brand much-needed mileage and driving further opportunities into LULA.

For example, one of the opportunities is that LULA managed to partner with Cape Town’s globally famed V & A Waterfront, to commence the provision of reliable and safe transport for We Think Code, a non-profit technology university. The two companies are now running loops for students and staff returning home every evening.

An innovation that’s truly pioneering in the South African transportation industry, LULA is an app that answers the need to connect corporate commuters to private shuttles on their way to and from work. LULA came to Uprise.Africa to ensure the very people who ride daily to work to reasonably and profitably get a piece of the action. Investors’ buy-in into this company demonstrates that they are ready to join the growth and innovative business in its early phases. Investors elected not to be left behind one of SA’s most exciting technologies in the urban transport industry.

Our confidence is high that as unpack more new campaigns, those with cash to spare will get to ride on to the financial empowerment bandwagon sooner than later. Which brings us to more exciting campaigns coming up on the Uprise.Africa platform. Names include Beerhouse and Sunexchange, among many others that investors will be hearing more about in the short term.

Lastly but not least, in other news that you may have missed, Integreatme CEO Luke Warner had the honor of being featured as a speaker, at the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Meet-Up that ran in Johannesburg on 28 June. We derive great joy in Luke’s presentation at Forbes as it comes on the back of his company’s record-breaking fund-raising feat through Uprise Africa.

Our website is always laden with information, on how you can take your business to the next viability level/ends.


Advantages of Equity Crowdfunding

Advantages of Equity Crowdfunding

The small business sector in South Africa, which has operators running into thousands and rising almost daily, has so much potential for developing the country’s economy.

However, while it is critical for the sector to know the best ways to raise finance, the sector would have an upper in knowing the advantages that are found in sourcing funds and in particular crowdfunding.

Disadvantages exist though in crowdfunding, and yet it’s the advantages that tend to be more appealing since the attitude in business should always be to be very positive when implementing plans to sustain one’s commercial operation.

The several advantages that equity crowdfunding can provide a small business should excite anyone intending to start a start-up or already in business. The list of advantages is long, but listing down a few would go a long way in helping to understand what they are

Some advantages are:

  • A quick method of accessing capital
  • A valuable platform for business promotion especially when the start-up is seeking finance through an online platform.
  • Businesses can receive feedback and sound financial advice from industry experts
  • A good way to find out what the target market/public think of your company and products
  • It is easy for those looking to put money into your business to follow its development

This is where we at Uprise Africa come in handy to provide a ready platform to get access to these advantages and enable your small business to survive and establish itself.

Visit for your crowdfunding needs today and move your business up the competition ladder.


Easy Access To Finance For Small Businesses In South Africa

Easy Access To Finance For Small Businesses In South Africa

Is your business in the Small, Medium and Micro Enterprise (SMME) sector and struggling to finance itself from its own resources? Uprise Africa’s equity crowdfunding platform is designed to ease your business finance stress by providing funding solutions to those in need.

  Uprise Africa which is trending as one of 2019’s Best New Online Platform for Investments for various good reasons, is once again calling on interested parties for Co-Funding Partnerships!

The Co-Funding Partnerships will provide finance and strategic guidance to SMME’s, while the Crowdfunding platform will serve as a channel to distribute the finance, increase public exposure and give rise to an ‘army of ambassadors’ for the SMME’s funded through the platform.

By sharing the investment ticket, VCs and crowdfunding platforms can leverage each other’s strengths and create a more significant impact in the South African SMME landscape.

According to The Small Enterprise Development Agency (SEDA), the sector of SMMES in South Africa faces financial drawbacks when it comes to unlocking finance. SEDA also mentions things like getting markets, skills shortages among other factors affecting the growth. All these are challenges that are now reduced with the recent emergence of Uprise Africa’s co-investment solution.

SEDA says that “the significance of SMMEs in the South African economy is immense as the sector that is also known as “small business”, is able to boost commercial activities and in the process avail much-needed jobs. Given their highly conservative nature, South African banks and lenders are more inclined to put resources in small businesses in their later stages of development. They are less likely to lend to start-up SMMEs.”

Furthermore, data from SEDA shows that SMMES are experiencing obstacles to obtain finance. Therefore, the sector has to start utilizing Uprise Africa’s crowdfunding scheme to be guaranteed easy access to finance.

Small businesses interested in applying for these partnerships, can get in touch with Uprise Africa on this email address:

Uprise Africa always appreciates the time invested and we look forward to engaging with like-minded partners.

Pitch Your Business Idea Like a Pro!

Pitch Your Business Idea Like a Pro!

“In the Business world, everyone is paid in two coins: cash and experience. Take the experience first; the cash will come later.” – Harold S. Geneen

Becoming an entrepreneur is a thrilling and amazing feat. Every business impresario will tell you there is nothing like literally seeing an idea that started in their mind transform into tangible reality. How well you can execute the transformation of an idea into a potentially highly-successful business depends on you knowing what your idea is worth in the first place.

More importantly, you need to have the skills to translate imagination into action. Sadly, some business ideas never get past being castles in air while some ideas are easy to take forward and flourish. So how do you ensure that your business idea converts and sees the light of day? Equity crowdfunding is one groundbreaking opportunity that is creating a plush meeting ground for innovators and investors

So now the question is, once presented with the platform, how does one create an investor-ready pitch? Let’s take a look at some of the basic steps every startup business should have in the bag.

  1. Develop a value proposition

In a few short sentences, summarize what your business does, who your target market is and explain how it will be successful.

Answer these questions in your summary: What problem does your business solve? What are the benefits of your business? Why would your target market buy your offering instead of your competitors?

Important to remember:

  • Keep your summary short (3-4 sentences).
  • Be to the point and specific

2. Set a funding goal (that is within your reach)

Setting a target for your business that you believe you have the ability to achieve is essential.

Answer these questions: Who is your target market? Look at your network of friends and family. How large is it? Are they willing to invest? Do you have other people you believe would be willing to invest in your business?

3. Valuate your business

Asses the value of your business in relation to the amount of equity you wish to give away in exchange for capital. Clear, well presented and concise financial documentation is required to ensure your potential investors understand your business model and have enough information to make a knowledgeable judgment about the potential of your business.

4. Have an Exit strategy

Your exit strategy outlines how Investors will make a return on their investment.

5. A detailed Marketing Plan

Marketing must-haves include a marketing budget, content calendar for both digital and print media, social media strategy, involving influencers and paid advertising.

6. Establish your Branding

Logo and signage are essential in establishing your brand identity.

Once you have followed these basic steps, you would have laid the foundation to build a well-fortified business pitch. There is still a whole lot more that goes into actually implementing a pitch. Uprise. Africa, South Africa’s first equity crowdfunding platform, recognizes the need to groom innovators to access resource pools essential for business growth. We strive to help our entrepreneurs through all these crucial steps.

For more pitch tips and to find out how you can register with Uprise.Africa