The greatest legacy you can give future South Africa in Heritage Month!

The greatest legacy you can give future South Africa in Heritage Month!

When it comes to uplifting the country’s “PROUDLY SOUTH AFRICAN” brand, Uprise Africa stands high on the list of notable businesses that are working tirelessly to uphold this legacy.

So as we celebrate this year’s Heritage Month, let us take some time to understand the history of one of the first companies that has brought one of the most globally acclaimed, pre-eminent ways of promoting empowerment, equity crowd funding to Africa.

Since we are talking history, let’s take a quick trip down memory lane and remember why Heritage Day is even celebrated. Traditionally, the 24th of September was known as Shaka Day, a date set to commemorate Shaka, the Zulu King, who has become somewhat of a folk legend in Mzansi.

So, he was celebrated on this day for his arguable contribution towards keeping peace between feuding Zulu clans.

Then, of course, in 1994, upon South Africa’s independence, the Public Holidays Bill was presented in parliament, although the 24th of September was not yet a proposed holiday. After a bit of back and forth on the political arena, which we won’t go into detail, a compromise was reached and this day was made official and re-named Heritage day.

The new identity of Heritage Day was to celebrate the people of diverse cultural backgrounds that form part of South Africa’s rainbow nation status. It also played an important role in nation-building and empowerment of South Africans, which is the core founding principle behind Uprise Africa.

As Africa’s first authorised equity crowd funding enabler, the innovative platform facilitates access to alternative funding solutions for South African entrepreneurs and links everyday South Africans to early stage investment opportunities.

In the last year, Uprise Africa has run successful equity crowd funding campaigns for businesses that are now well on their way to becoming house hold names. Case in point is Drifter Brewing Company, one of South Africa’s top craft beer manufacturers and a favourite among the locals.

Located in Woodstock Cape Town, Drifter Brewing Company holds a full force manufacturing facility as well as a tasting room and event space with stunning Table Mountain views.

Drifter now distributes to over 360 stores in South Africa and exports to Zimbabwe and Namibia. They have also obtained partnerships in the US to begin exporting to Texas, Florida and Washington DC and have formed relationships for future exports into Europe and Asia.

Without a doubt our most successful venture has been one of the nominees for startup business of the year, Intergreatme.

Intergreatme is a global digital identity platform that can be integrated into your business in less than one day to bring identity verification and secure multi-factor authentication in seconds.

One can also start verifying customer information without doing any technical development by simply setting up an Intergreatme Account.

Earlier this year, via Uprise Africa, the regtech identity platform shook the investment industry in South Africa, breaking all industry records by raising 24 million rand in just 7 days!

This is the sort of empowerment equity crowdfunding affords small businesses in a way traditional financial capital raising platforms could not.

Remember, the key difference between traditional crowdfunding – that is the act of sourcing venture capital from a pool of people across the web – and its equity variation, is that the latter gives backers equity in the business.

Which means ordinary citizens in South Africa are also equally empowered by getting the chance to invest in cash cow businesses, where they previously could not.

Since its establishment, Uprise Africa has continued to help bridge the gap between upcoming, homegrown startup businesses and the investing South African public.

Surely, there is no greater heritage one can give the future South Africa than this! Celebrate Heritage Month by empowering a fellow South African and also empower yourself with Uprise Africa.



Help ordinary South Africans transact easily with “My-iMali”

Help ordinary South Africans transact easily with “My-iMali”

Meet Jomo, he is a gardener at a plush Sandton villa and his employers love his green fingers. They are constantly giving him a raise. Now ‘bra’ Jomo, as he is known in the hood, wants to open a bank account so that he can receive his hefty salary through his own account. But he cannot do this simply because the bank requires a payslip which he doesn’t receive. He also works 6 days a week and only gets an off on Sunday, the day where banks are not open. How do his employers even pay him in this age where carrying cash around is an increasing inconvenience and security risk?

Well, Uprise Africa’s newest campaign is centered around a business that has found a way to solve such problems!

My-iMali is a first of its kind mobile wallet solution that acts like a bank account but without all those added hassles we become accustomed to, such as proof of residence, payslips and the like. Users can sign up using only their ID/passport in under 5 minutes.

My-iMali was created specifically for the unbanked population in South Africa. Now, Bra Jomo and many others who are informally employed, can simply open a My-iMali account during lunch break without the need of going to the ATM to pay all their basic bills from electricity, water, his rent, you name it.

It is a hundred percent safe as it was built on a google cloud platform and backed by google structures that allow My-iMali with unlimited performance, security, and reliability. My -iMali already has over 10 thousand users and over 100 businesses that use the platform for cashless transactions at events, paying staff and know-your-customer services.

Through this equity crowdfunding campaign, this innovative company is now looking to grow the business by raising R24 million from the crowd in exchange for 20% of the company’s equity share.

My-iMali is already up and running, with access to make payments at till points, draw cash at ATMs, buy airtime, make fuel transactions, shop online, and pre-paid medical at a zero point of sale anytime, anywhere. Users can use the app to transfer funds or purchase pre-paid services directly from the app. Customers will also receive My-iMali debit card that links up to 4 debit cards and can be used anywhere in the world.

Let’s take a look at the problems that My-iMali is solving:

  • Time and money-saving

Companies that use the My-iMali app will get efficient and reduce costs that go into manually accounting work. The tap-and-go method cuts down on long lines where people would have to pay and wait for change.

  • Fewer crimes

Usually, when events take place, there’s a lot of cash lying around, which increases the risks of theft. My-iMali users can use the tap-and-go method to pay at the event and avoid carrying actual cash.

  • Availability

Not only will you enjoy the benefits of not going to the bank, but the 24/7 availability with the My-iMali app so that you can have access to your money even at night. There are no hours of operation with the app and you can access your accounts any time, anywhere you want.

Become part of the digital change and invest in a new technology that enables you to perform all your traditional banking actions from the comfort of your mobile.

It can be concluded that My-iMali has a lot more benefits than just convenience to people and companies. That means not only domestic employees like our friend Bra Jomo the gardener, but also freelancers, artisans, foreigners or anyone that your business needs to pay. My-iMali needs to get the awareness and product out to the market.

You can join My-iMali along for the ride, all you have to do is jump on board and become an equity shareholder. Invest in My-iMali today while stocks last!

Register today, visit


A cocktail of cultures under one roof…join the Revolution!

A cocktail of cultures under one roof…join the Revolution!

24 Hours a day, 24 beers in a case and 99 different beers…all under one roof! You haven’t heard of it yet? Well, just sit back, grab yourself a cold one and learn how you can become a part of one of the coolest revolutions in town.

Beerhouse has become a household name in South Africa since opening its doors in Long Street, Cape town on International Beer Day in August 13. It was followed by the popular Beerhouse Fourways branch in Gauteng which opened in July 2014. The two bar’s are often filled to capacity and booked for days ahead, proving that they are here to stay.

The popular franchise has become famous for their unique offering of a large variety of quality, culturally-rich beer brands from all around the world. Through their famous tagline “99 bottles display on the wall and 25+ beer taps”, Beerhouse have perfected the practice of bringing their customers a beer-tasting experience of a lifetime.

Customers literally find ANY beer they want at any time plus way more. Imagine that! an entire pub full of the best beers in the world!

Beer is the oldest alcoholic beverage in the world believed to have existed as far back as 7000 years ago. Beerhouse has found a way to house them all, under one roof. There are thousands of beers to choose from and enjoy. From mainstream brands to craft beers. Whether you drink your beer from a boot, a funnel or right off the tap, it is evidence that people have been enjoying it for years and will continue to do so.

It is hub of all things beer and now Beerhouse is offering you an opportunity to own a piece of their business by buying shares in their newest venture, the new Beerhouse branch in Tiger valley.

The popular beer bar is looking to raise R3 million which will be utilized to fund the new branch in the Northern suburbs of Cape Town. They have already raised almost half the amount with Uprise Africa, with 117 investors in total and over 37 percent of equity shares have been grabbed.

So if you love good beer, great food and interacting with the coolest people then this is the perfect fit for you in terms of investment opportunities. Do not waste any more time, invest while you still can.

By investing in Beerhouse Tygervalley you will not only own equity shares but also enjoy the perks of being a shareholder in your bar, imagine all the free-bees that would mean!!!

If you are interested in being part of the yellow blood crew, seize this amazing investment opportunity and invest today. The campaign is still running this is your chance.

For more information about the Beerhouse Tygervalley campaign visit

Make your money work for you- Invest

Make your money work for you- Invest

The best way to get started with investing is to start as early as possible, simple as that! Because that way it is going to be more beneficial to you later in life.

If you are clueless about what investing entails and you are not sure how to go about starting your investment journey- read a self-help book on finances, investment and saving money.

You need to put money aside so you can start investing. If you are a beginner or have not started at all, take a certain percentage of what you make on your first investment return and put it aside in a savings account that you are not going to touch.

Look into investment opportunities that appeal to your interests and you are certain will make best returns for you and invest your money again.

  1. Know what you are investing in

People invest because they know that it is a good idea and they want their money to grow. Investments are helpful in rainy days where you might have used up all your savings and in need of urgent funds.

However, if you were to ask people about what they are investing in, a lot of them would say ‘I don’t know’. Many investors don’t know because they leave their investment in someone’s hand and hope for the best.

Do not be like those investors. Being interested and paying attention to your investment does not only make it successful but also makes you aware of how much your investment is worth.

  1. Invest in something that interests you

Like, for example, investing in a start-up catering business and you also work in the food sector or you are a chef.

Your investment will align with something that you do daily, your profession, therefore there is no way you will abandon your hard-earned money in someone’s hands and just ‘hope for the best’.

You already know everything about the food market, so it will be easy to understand the value of your investment, to keep track of your returns and regularly checking up on it

  1. Set a time frame for your investment

The reason why you need to set a time for your investment is that investments behave differently. You may find that as time goes by the business will experience ‘hard time’ in making a profit and the market drops along with your investment share.

Whenever you decide to invest your money, you need to figure out how long you plan to invest for. To avoid disappointment and losing a huge percentage of your money.

If you are looking to invest for a longer period, make sure the market you invested in can weather the ups and downs and eventually make a good return for you.

  1. Have realistic expectations of your returns

Many first time investors lose a lot of money by chasing after exceptional rates on return. You can avoid this by carefully looking into every investment you make. Consult with people you trust and those who have experience in investing before you make a decision.

Do thorough research on your investment and estimated returns. The internet is a great tool to do this. Look into the company’s profile, how is the business doing and if it has potential to grow.

However you choose to invest do not put all your eggs in one basket. We all know that every investment experiences ups and down now and then. It won’t always be smooth sailing. Diversify your investment to avoid losing all your money at once.

Uprise.Africa is a great platform to do this. Look through different investment opportunities on our website and make your money work for you. From as little as 1000 ZAR you can get equity in some of the best startup businesses of the year! Why wait?

Invest today. Visit

Uprise Africa in line yet again for a major award!

Uprise Africa in line yet again for a major award!

The Uprise Africa brand keeps rising like the proverbial phoenix, following being nominated this time for the Southern Africa Startup Awards (SASAwards), in the Best Fintech of the Year Category. Voting opened for two days towards the end of last month, and looking at our recent successes we are confident of bagging this award.

Uprise Africa’s most exciting achievement has been the historic success of Integreatme campaign, which broke all crowdfunding records in South Arica. Also, our current campaign, Beerhouse is looking quite good, having already raised over 1 million rand in less than one week!.

Our very first international award was the Best New Online Platform For Investments Award at the globally reputed International Finance Awards. Should we be awarded in this UK organized competition, it will mean more weight to the Uprise Africa brand that has been the talk of the crowdfunding sector in South Africa and the African continent since the first quarter of the year.

The awards organizers received over 2400 nominations from organizations and individuals in 15 countries across Africa. Just to name a few, entries came from Angola, Botswana, Lesotho, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius, Mozambique, Namibia, South Africa, Tanzania, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. The competition has a total of 18 categories including Startup of the Year, Fintech of the year, Best Incubator/Accelerator Program, Female Role Model in Tech.

For the SASAwards, a jury has been drawn from leading entrepreneurs, and their efforts will be complemented by an online voting phase that has already passed. The finalists will then go through another round of selection to enter the Regional Grand Finale scheduled to take place from November 27-28, 2019 in Johannesburg.

SASAwards began in 2018 and is a nonprofit initiative of Setup A Startup, which was formed in 2017. The southern Africa awards are an extension of the internationally networked Global Startup Awards.

The mission of the awards is based on connecting, supporting and celebrating key players in national and regional startup ecosystems worldwide and to blend their expertise in a global entrepreneurial network.

SASAwards creates an atmosphere of opportunities for international partnerships, commercial exchange, and investment opportunities. This is done through a ‘bottom-up’ strategy with local startup ecosystems that put the founders and startup ecosystem supporters first.

Visit to see which campaigns that we are running suit you and place your valuable investment while you can.