Another award caps Uprise Africa’s year of great success!

Another award caps Uprise Africa’s year of great success!

Uprise Africa, the in-demand and innovative crowdfunding platform, is ending the year on a high after scooping yet another prestigious accolade.

The prestigious ICT Startup Award (SME Category) was received at the GovTech 2019 SITA Digital Service Awards that ran from 28 to 30 October at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli ICC Complex, Durban (KZN). This rounds-off an amazing year for the trailblazing South African company with a growing reputation across the African continent.

Conference and Awards:

Short for “government technology”, GovTech is a conference and awards event that began in 2006. The conference theme was “Digital Transformation – Gearing towards 4IR And Beyond”.

“To date, it has turned into an important feature in the government planning cycle. Fast forward into 2019, the conference continues to rally the public sector towards the need for government to adapt to, and adopt new and innovative ways of serving citizens and delivering services including the use of ICT technologies”, said Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams (Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies)

“GovTech is now a strategic platform for thought leadership in the quest by the State Information Technology Agency (SITA) in line with its legislative objective to improve service delivery by the government through the provision of ICT technologies and other systems in a secure environment.

“This year’s event takes place against the backdrop of a heightened focus on digital transformation and fourth industrial revolution hence the theme: Digital Transformation – Gearing towards 4IR And Beyond, which is a calling on all the attendants to leave no stone unturned in their quest to position the public service as the pioneers in the realization of the ideals enshrined in the National Development Plan Vision 2030 and the National ICT Policy White Paper.”

She said that both digital access, transformation, and inclusivity have been identified as three critical pillars and in consideration, the government wanted to applaud the work that men and women do under the banner of GovTech – to change mindsets, develop skills, promote innovation and transform the industry.

“Ensuring that the SMMEs and co-operatives are drawn into the digital economy remains the preoccupation of this government to realize digital inclusivity, therefore, the role extended to the small businesses to partake, benefit and grow from their association with the event has been a regular sub-theme of the conference and that is laudable,” explained the Minister.

Since Uprise Africa was formed, the Sandton City, Johannesburg based company has been the go-to platform for savvy start-ups in need of finance through crowdfunding. As well, the platform continues to provide investors on the look-out for opportunities to partake in early-stage entrepreneurial businesses.

Winning successive awards has afforded Uprise Africa the much-needed opportunity to keep trending in the South African crowdfunding space, with companies like Integreatme raising almost one and a half times than its target. Several awards were won along the way and underlining the brand’s impact on the market.

Awards are an indication of a company’s performance in its industry and its potential to build a brand’s image in the market is huge. They also are important in directing investors where to find the best start-ups to place their hard-earned cash and see it grow. In this case, the awards show that Uprise Africa is the best crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs and therefore the best to provide investment opportunities.

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No more bleating about customer service. Uprise.Africa has your back!

No more bleating about customer service. Uprise.Africa has your back!

There is definitely a stream of people that just can’t stand poor customer service. Rude cashiers and unsatisfactory service. Don’t we all wish there could be a convenient way to report and complain about such situations, whilst there is help guaranteed.

Imagine having to wait for a consultant to help you with a complaint, only to be told. Hold the line for the next consultant.”  Then to finally find a consultant only to be told, “Sorry for your experience, we will look into it.” Two months down the line and there is still no word.  “We will open a new report” frustrating right?

No more long queues, your call being passed around from consultant to another.There is now a faster way to report such instances.

For example, heavy traffic, bad customer service, rude shop owner/spoilt ingredients. There is a quicker and efficient way in helping the next person not to go through the ordeal you went through.
Whether it is spoilt milk or any ingredient, simply take a photo or a video and upload directions and shop. Comment and upload. Simple right? We know.
User friendly, fast-easy way of communication.

Developed by two South African entrepreneurs, Ibleat is an app that connects customers with businesses in an effort to simplify customer service.  Those who have complaints or compliments can simply forward them on the app for a one-on one communication with the service provider. The best thing about the app is that you get assistance in a matter of seconds. Users of the app are able to lodge a complain or call directly to the company.

Could life really be that simple? Yes, Ibleat can relieve that stress of worrying for proper – fast assistance.

Customer care is two sided, there are complains and compliments. IBleat provides you with the ability to report good service and as well bad service. If you have a good experience or satisfied with their service,

Through the Ibleat app businesses are able to build better relationships with their customers. Improve their customers service experience it could be either compliments for the business which helps the business grow. Or it could be the worst customer experience and the company loses its profits. There are always two sides to a story. With this app, the more people compliment your business and its services.

The more you get assisted with more people/customers approaching a friendly service like yours. But, the more customers are able to complain about your services, the more likely the business would fail.

So whether it is in the case of; reporting bad/good service, pot holes, unsatisfactory product, bad driving or friendly staff, Ibleat can do that.

IBleat is available for free download on Google Play and App Stores with over 4000 businesses already integrated in the app.

So, why not invest in an app that helps the next person? Ibleat is asking you to be part of an innovation that will make many people’s lives simpler.

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Blythedale Coastal Estate successful launch

Blythedale Coastal Estate successful launch

It was a fun and exciting evening at the launch of the Blythedale Coastal Estate held at the FutureSpace Business Lounge, Johannesburg on the 7th of November 2019.

Within an hour of the set start time, the room was already filled to capacity. The audience was full of potential investors, existing shareholders and the media.

The evening kicked off with the much-anticipated presentation of the beautiful Coastal Estate which had the audience eyes glued on screen.

Blythedale Coastal Estate is an all-encompassing resort offering an array of amenities. One of Africa’s eco-smart cities with cool technological features that are going to make life easier for the residents.

Mr John Elan of Elan Property Group was the MC for the evening. He gave a warm welcome and provided the crowd with some of the beautiful prospects of KwaZulu Natal where the resort is located.

He took us through the journey of how Blythedale Coastal Estate started and what it is today. With a few jokes shared in between and a round of applause, it was evident that the audience was enjoying the presentation.

The development of the estate is now launching phase three and is set to be the biggest resort in Africa.

Uprise.Africa was there to celebrate with Blythedale Coastal Estate on the launch.

The night ended with soothing music, networking among investors and awesome selfie frame that added instant fun to the occasion.

The launch was a success!

Their campaign is up and running on our website with a target goal of R45 million. They have already raised an amount of R80 000.

The project is moving into full swing. Investors are encouraged not to miss out on an opportunity of owning shares in one of Africa’s eco smart cities.

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Make your investment become a solution to many

Make your investment become a solution to many

Meet Marriam, a 45-year-old mother of three. She is a Zimbabwean born and bred domestic worker currently working in Sandton, Johannesburg. She left her family back home so that she can look for a job and be able to provide for them.

Now that she is in South Africa, the banks have been giving her grief with regard to opening her own bank account. They require her to fill a lot of forms, which also requires proof of residence, payslip, and what-not, which is very stressful to her more especially now that December is approaching, she has been promised a bonus by her boss. She would like to send all of her bonus back home so her children can have Christmas clothes but she has no idea how to go about it.

Why not make your investment become a solution to people like Marriam, who are struggling with opening bank accounts because they are not South African?

With My-iMali, Marriam can be able to open a My-iMali account where she will also receive a My-iMali Debit Card that can link up to 4 debit cards to the My-iMali Wallet to be used anywhere in the world.

This is money made easy for employers and employees. That way, Marriam can simply enable transfers to bank accounts, top-up or purchase pre-paid products and services plus avoiding monthly bank fees, how cool is that?

Like all mothers, Marriam is a hard-working woman who only wants to put food on the table for her children. She works a 6-6 job and only gets an off on Sunday, the day banks do not operate. She now can be able to access her money any time of the day without the need of going to an ATM.

As you know how much money domestic workers earn per month, using a My-iMali account will be a plus to her as she will be able to save up on the bank charges off withdrawals and pre-paid purchases.

Opening My-iMali account only takes 5 minutes or less, and she can simply do it during her lunch break or even on her way home, it only requires an ID/passport.

My-iMali would like to grow the business by raising R 25 Million from the crowd for an equity share of 20%. My-iMali is a mobile wallet solution that acts like a bank account minus the added hassles of a bank account.

It is 100% safe with unlimited performance, security, and reliability with over 10 thousand users already.

Who wouldn’t enjoy the benefits of accessing their money 24/7?

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NEW CAMPAIGN ALERT…be part of something big and ecologically SMART!

NEW CAMPAIGN ALERT…be part of something big and ecologically SMART!

When you look into some of the richest people on the internet, whether in another country or here in South Africa, you’ll find that they either made their money from property or investing in it. That’s a fact and you can take it to the bank!

Now would that not be enough reason for you too start investing in something that is going to make you the richest person in the world?
You’re probably asking yourself why property and not other investment interests? The wealthy would tell you that property is the best place to invest money and it’s a notable fact that property does not depreciate in value it always goes up.

There’s a saying that goes ‘you don’t wait to invest in property, you invest in property and wait’.
Now Uprise Africa brings you a good property development deal you would not want to wait on. This is a chance to own shares in a multi-million rand development project that is South Africa’s first eco-smart city.

Blythedale Coastal Estate is located on the Northern Coast of KwaZulu Natal, 3 km from the stunning beach, forest and a spectacular views. It is ideally situated in the hub of the city near the King Shaka International airport and close enough to Durban CBD for easy travel and access.

The Estate is approved to be a 1000ha mixed-use development. It will include a beach resort hotel, schools, regional retail, apartments, sporting facilities and much more.

From as little as R3000 you can own shares in the estate and benefit from the returns!

The development is moving into full swing and you don’t want to miss out on this amazing opportunity of a lifetime.

Interesting details about the project:

Job creation is the heart of this development

The community of the area are set to benefit largely from the project through employment.

Generation and storage of renewable energy

A power and water-saving method will be introduced as part of their eco- friendly, smart estate status. Combining solar power, gas reticulation and desalination provides the estate with 80% off-grid. Which automatically means residents will rely less on electricity and other municipal services.

Smart internet infrastructure
An innovative cloud-based application will be implemented to connect pristine communities surrounding the area to interact with each other. Smart technological features such as face recognition, card less services  that will make your life simpler.

Blythedale Coastal Estate is hoping to raise 45 million for 15% equity in the business.

Who would not want to be part of something this big?

A development that will not only benefit you as an investor but also the community at large.

The train is moving, jump in!

Uprise.Africa  is committed to helping businesses reach their full potential by offering them a platform to raise funds.

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