Their crowdfunding journey has just wrapped up on Uprise.Africa, so now our friends at Beerhouse Tygervalley are focusing on taking their new and improved business to its community!

We will keep you posted on their upcoming events, including the official launch of the Tygervalley branch…more on that later.

In the meantime check out one of the cool events lined up by the “beer revolutionaries” in this month.

Beerhouse Tygervalley in association with OMG Quiz Nights will be hosting a Haloween Harry Potter quiz and inviting all potter heads to join in on the fun for this magical evening. Come dressed in your best robes. The best -dressed team will win a spot prize.

The competition will take place at the local bar on the 30th of October at 7 pm.

Are you one of those people who only vaguely know who or what Harry Potter is?? Well, let us enlighten you a bit.
Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novels written by British author J. K Rowling which was later adapted into a movie. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows to name a few.

In short its a mega hit, almost a cultural phenomenon, if havent heard of it… WHERE HAVE BEEN???!

But fear not, this event is sure to bring you up to speed as there will be fanatics galore to bring you up to speed!

This legion of fans, also referred to as Harry Potter Fandoms, has grown tremendously over the years and they have been obsessed with the wizarding world of Harry Potter for two decades and counting. The fandom participates in entertainment activities that revolve around the books and movies, such as engaging in role-playing games, fan conventions etc.

So what makes you a Potter head?
• You have watched all the movies.
• You own the books.
• Have read almost all of them.
• Know all the latest Harry Potter news.
• Have favourite quotes from the movies and books.
• Know them by heart.
• You dress up for movie premiers.
• Have favourite scenes from the movie
• Follow the actors’ careers and lifestyles.
• Read anything else j. K Rowling writes.

If you tick all these boxes then you stand a good chance of winning the quiz. Questions will be based on the movies and books. Participants must be in a team of 4-6 people to partake.
Be sure not to miss out on the fun!
Epic beer prizes to be won!

Beerhouse Tygervalley’s equity crowdfunding campaign has just ended and saw them successfully raising over 1,4 million rand.

This is the kind of support Uprise.Africa is proud to provide budding businesses in South Africa and we wont stop now! If you missed this investment opportunity, worry not! We have new exciting upcoming campaigns to look out for.

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