“What counts in life is not the mere fact that we have lived; it is what difference we have made to the lives of others that will determine the significance of the life we lead,” – Nelson Mandela.
Uprise Africa has replicated this quote as the equity crowdfunding platform continues to enable the ordinary person to enter the investment arena and buy shares in a convenient way. The user-friendly platform affords ordinary people opportunity to invest as little as R1000.

Investors are able to realize their financial dreams as the chance of seeing the company they would have bought shares is always promising, more so based on the stringent due diligence process performed by the team of experts tasked with ensuring which start-ups are brought into the platform to raise funds.

So by enabling the lowest strata of the society, assuming that R1000 investors are drawn from there, Uprise Africa is playing a significant role in society by transforming the lives of ordinary people. In a country where jobs are scarce, the low level citizen who might have hustled a thousand rand is able to grow their wealth and become “somebody” in the quickest of time. High probability is that as the company they would have invested grows, simultaneously the investor’s share value appreciates.

Uprise Africa is also making it easy for those keen to create wealth through honest means do it with a company that has client’s (investors) interests at heart. The platform is an empowerment innovation that South Africa needs. It vision of making everyone financially empowered should be lauded as it is determining the significance of the life it leads. Prospects for the long term looks bright, as its stock and reputation have both dramatically increased, especially on the back of the recent overwhelming success of raises for two companies, Intergreatme and Drifter Brewing Company.

Visit www.upriseafrica.com for more on investment or share buying deals.