It’s halfway through the year, and what a fantastic time it already has been so far. Unbelievable and exciting how quick we maintain the streak of unlocking new and innovative campaigns. The pace we are doing it is good for all – foremost being prospective investors, followed by the economy and then the job hunting market.

Also, we take pride in the fact that the campaigns are coming in all shapes and sizes, from entertainment, beverage / FMCG, sport, transport to tech industries. This wide selection of new start-up companies caters to many investment tastes, and we are confident their translation into more people with the ability to in the end find not only something they want but precisely a start-up worthy to invest in.

Taking you back in time a bit, though the LULA campaign ended without reaching the targeted goal of funds raised, we can confidently state that the campaign had quite encouraging exposure as indicated by the coverage by radio and television stations. Both media platforms giving the brand much-needed mileage and driving further opportunities into LULA.

For example, one of the opportunities is that LULA managed to partner with Cape Town’s globally famed V & A Waterfront, to commence the provision of reliable and safe transport for We Think Code, a non-profit technology university. The two companies are now running loops for students and staff returning home every evening.

An innovation that’s truly pioneering in the South African transportation industry, LULA is an app that answers the need to connect corporate commuters to private shuttles on their way to and from work. LULA came to Uprise.Africa to ensure the very people who ride daily to work to reasonably and profitably get a piece of the action. Investors’ buy-in into this company demonstrates that they are ready to join the growth and innovative business in its early phases. Investors elected not to be left behind one of SA’s most exciting technologies in the urban transport industry.

Our confidence is high that as unpack more new campaigns, those with cash to spare will get to ride on to the financial empowerment bandwagon sooner than later. Which brings us to more exciting campaigns coming up on the Uprise.Africa platform. Names include Beerhouse and Sunexchange, among many others that investors will be hearing more about in the short term.

Lastly but not least, in other news that you may have missed, Integreatme CEO Luke Warner had the honor of being featured as a speaker, at the 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Meet-Up that ran in Johannesburg on 28 June. We derive great joy in Luke’s presentation at Forbes as it comes on the back of his company’s record-breaking fund-raising feat through Uprise Africa.

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