Uprise.Africa is looking for experienced OnBoarding partners to assist with the initial Financial review process.

Overview of the Uprise.Africa onboarding Partner:
  • The entrepreneurs/SME/ DealPipeline Partners submits a pitch on Uprise.Africa.
  • The information received from the submission will be assigned to the Dash Board of Onboarding partner to assess the business and provide with comments followed by Report.
  • The report is Assesed by the investment committee, and selected business are asked to sign a funding agreement and the legal and financial due diligence proceeds after that.
  • The report needs to give an overview of the business and the potential of the deal. The report needs to enable the Investment committee to assess the business and decide whether to proceed with the deal or not.

Nature of the relationship:
  • Each Onboarding partner will need to be featured/profiled on our team page.
  • We will need to enter into a non-circumvention agreement.
  • The agreement will be on a consultant basis. Payment per deal assessed.
R5,000.00 per report vat inclusive which should include :
  • 1-2 Hours consultation with Entrepreneur.
  • 1-2 Hours of Desk Top Due Diligence.
  • 1-2 Hours with Investment committee.

How you can partner with us

Uprise.Africa is keen to partner with both qualified and experienced individuals who can support the entrepreneur / business with their onboarding process on the platform.

How do I become an Onboarding Partner?

One becomes an Onboarding Partner by registering on the Uprise.Africa web-site as an Entrepreneur and following the Raise Now option.
You can now pitch build for your entrepreneur by entering all the required fields.
Coupled with industry experience and an entrepreneur/start up network, a passionate belief in the importance of and the benefits of Equity Crowdfunding investing is essential.

What is the criterion to become an Onboarding Partner?
  • Either a CA or CFA qualification is a prerequisite, in order to conduct comprehensive due diligence of business models, financials and legal as strictly laid out by Uprise.Africa.
  • Need to demonstrate a strong track record in the nurturing entrepreneurs, SMMEs and startups industry of Southern Africa.
  • Show the ability to be able to well represent Uprise.Africa’s contributions to the South African Fintech sector.
What are the deliverables of an Onboarding Partner?
  • As many hours consultation with prospective entrepreneur as required in order to fully understand opportunity, implicit structures etc.
  • Comprehensive due diligence of business model, financial and legal due diligence as per the precise requirements stipulated by Uprise.
  • A build of a full marketing and PR campaign in promotion of the opportunity.
  • Full commitment to timeously work with Uprise investment committee to ensure a seamless onboarding journey.