If you’re seeking to make money you should always make it a point to follow successful personalities or influencers!
One of those to follow is American Darren Hardy, globally known for the quote “The early bird gets the worm, the rest starve”.

Hardy’s occupation is described as Writer, CEO Advisor, High-Performance Trainer, and Motivational Speaker. The man who once published Success, a business-related magazine that contained business and self-improvement advice from entrepreneurs and others is really among the most knowledgeable globally.

So the quote is by someone who has influence in the world of business and should be listened to and followed. His quote is quite apt in the world of investment. It means that if you don’t get to invest early in a start-up, which usually is a nice way to create wealth, you are most probably destined to lose out. Once you lose on a start-up investment, you’ve also lost the chance to grow with a particular organization.

The moral of giving Hardy’s example is that here in South Africa, investors with an eye for creating wealth through investing in emerging companies or start-ups should take it upon themselves to be early birds with their investments. There are no two ways about it – to succeed one must be early in placing an investment order once they have decided to be part of the growth of the company that excites them.

For once a share buying window closes, there is no way it can be reopened. So procrastination in investing in a start-up that you have already developed interest leads to lost opportunities as a result of the company getting to close without your share. It is common to see investors calling in to invest in a company that has already closed the share buying window. In the end, some people get frustrated due to a vanished chance.

As Uprise Africa we advise that once you have seen the potential of a start-up on our platforms, you have to rush with your money to invest. Otherwise, you risk “starving.”

To avoid “starving” be the early worm to invest in our new campaigns. Visit https://uprise.africa/ for wealth empowerment opportunities.