One of our favorite new players on the Equity Crowdfunding market is up for a major award already! Oh yes, The Sun Exchange is receiving major props for its unique and trans-formative business concept having just been nominated for the Disruptor Daily Blockchain Energy Award.

Let’s start by understanding what Blockchain technology is…

Blockchain technology is a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography to network with each other. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. It holds the endless potential to intensely disrupt a broad spectrum of industries beyond the storage and transfer of value, and decentralize almost any system.

It is believed that blockchain technology will essentially change our everyday lives to the way businesses serve the world…And as a result, a good one at that, The Sun Exchange has been nominated as one of the blockchain technology for the energy industry. The award highlights companies that are truly leveraging the blockchain for all its potential, developing practical use cases for blockchain technology and driving its adoption.

The Sun Exchange has leveraged the blockchain and finance innovation to accelerate sustainable development and the global transition to clean energy. It also utilises the power of cryptocurrency to allow almost anyone, anywhere in the world, to purchase and own solar cells to help power emerging markets.

Solar cell owners earn a monthly income from the electricity produced, paid in cryptocurrency, while businesses and organisations in developing regions gain access to low-cost clean energy.

Not only is Sun Exchange creating affordable clean energy for South Africa, but for other countries too, which are struggling with low-cost clean energy. Clean energy has since sparked a lot of interest and attention from the audience, hence they are looking to expand to other countries.

Sun Exchange is growing rapidly, with 11 fully-operational solar projects in South Africa, powering schools, hospitals, old-age homes, and non-profit organisations. To make these projects possible, the Sun Exchange online platform has more than a thousand users and growing, across over 130 countries, who are now earning from the SUN!

This crowdfunding campaign is left with 21 days to raise R7 million from the South African public in exchange of 5.22% ownership, with R2 million already been raised. You too, still have a chance to invest and become a part of a company of the future.

Disruptor daily blockchain energy awards help companies to develop practical use cases for the energy industry, and this year (2019) being their first annual Blockchain Energy Use Awards.

Companies have been nominated by readers and have until the 11th of October 2019 to vote for their favourite use case. This is an opportunity to vote for a company that has the most practical blockchain use chain for the energy industry.

This is how the voting works, follow this link

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Step 3 – Share the page and encourage others to vote!

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