Meet Jomo, he is a gardener at a plush Sandton villa and his employers love his green fingers. They are constantly giving him a raise. Now ‘bra’ Jomo, as he is known in the hood, wants to open a bank account so that he can receive his hefty salary through his own account. But he cannot do this simply because the bank requires a payslip which he doesn’t receive. He also works 6 days a week and only gets an off on Sunday, the day where banks are not open. How do his employers even pay him in this age where carrying cash around is an increasing inconvenience and security risk?

Well, Uprise Africa’s newest campaign is centered around a business that has found a way to solve such problems!

My-iMali is a first of its kind mobile wallet solution that acts like a bank account but without all those added hassles we become accustomed to, such as proof of residence, payslips and the like. Users can sign up using only their ID/passport in under 5 minutes.

My-iMali was created specifically for the unbanked population in South Africa. Now, Bra Jomo and many others who are informally employed, can simply open a My-iMali account during lunch break without the need of going to the ATM to pay all their basic bills from electricity, water, his rent, you name it.

It is a hundred percent safe as it was built on a google cloud platform and backed by google structures that allow My-iMali with unlimited performance, security, and reliability. My -iMali already has over 10 thousand users and over 100 businesses that use the platform for cashless transactions at events, paying staff and know-your-customer services.

Through this equity crowdfunding campaign, this innovative company is now looking to grow the business by raising R24 million from the crowd in exchange for 20% of the company’s equity share.

My-iMali is already up and running, with access to make payments at till points, draw cash at ATMs, buy airtime, make fuel transactions, shop online, and pre-paid medical at a zero point of sale anytime, anywhere. Users can use the app to transfer funds or purchase pre-paid services directly from the app. Customers will also receive My-iMali debit card that links up to 4 debit cards and can be used anywhere in the world.

Let’s take a look at the problems that My-iMali is solving:

  • Time and money-saving

Companies that use the My-iMali app will get efficient and reduce costs that go into manually accounting work. The tap-and-go method cuts down on long lines where people would have to pay and wait for change.

  • Fewer crimes

Usually, when events take place, there’s a lot of cash lying around, which increases the risks of theft. My-iMali users can use the tap-and-go method to pay at the event and avoid carrying actual cash.

  • Availability

Not only will you enjoy the benefits of not going to the bank, but the 24/7 availability with the My-iMali app so that you can have access to your money even at night. There are no hours of operation with the app and you can access your accounts any time, anywhere you want.

Become part of the digital change and invest in a new technology that enables you to perform all your traditional banking actions from the comfort of your mobile.

It can be concluded that My-iMali has a lot more benefits than just convenience to people and companies. That means not only domestic employees like our friend Bra Jomo the gardener, but also freelancers, artisans, foreigners or anyone that your business needs to pay. My-iMali needs to get the awareness and product out to the market.

You can join My-iMali along for the ride, all you have to do is jump on board and become an equity shareholder. Invest in My-iMali today while stocks last!

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