Uprise.Africa is looking for FundRaising Partners to market and sell Uprise.Africa’s shares to the public in the Target Region.

Overview of the Uprise.Africa FundRaising Partners:
  • The entrepreneurs/SME/ DealPipeline Partners submits a pitch on Uprise.Africa.
  • The Pitch goes Lives after Financial & Legal Due Diligence and subsequent Approvals from Uprise Africa investment Committee.
  • The approved FundRaising Partner will be provided a Dash Board enabling to Invest on Behalf of the ThirdParty.
Nature of the relationship:
  • FundRaising Partner may be featured/profiled on our website.
  • We will need to enter into a non-circumvention agreement.
  • The agreement will be on a consultant basis .The Agent will be entitled to its Commission , when Uprise.Africa receives full payment from the Agent on behalf of third Party in either in its bank account or another nominated bank account, for a subscription of shares in Uprise.Africa and the relevant subscription agreement becomes unconditional.
  • 2% of the monetary value paid to Uprise.Africa on behalf of the Third Party to subscribe for shares in Uprise.Africa.
  • The Commission shall include VAT and relevant taxes and charges;

How you can partner with us

Uprise.Africa is looking for Fundraising partners to market and sell shares of our successfully on-boarded entrepreneurs to the public.

How do I become a Fundraising Partner?

One becomes a Fundraising Partner by registering on our Uprise.Africa platform.
Coupled with industry experience and an industry relevant network database, a belief in the importance of the benefits of Equity Crowdfunding investing is essential.
Furthermore, one would need to demonstrate significant experience and knowledge of investment opportunities undertaken by institutions.
A non circumvention agreement on a consultant basis would need to be signed.

What is the criterion to become a Fundraising Partner?
The key criteria include:
  • An Asset or Fund Manager with a comprehensive trusted network of high net worth individuals, businesses and institutions.
  • Be of good standing in the investment community, plus greater financial services sector.
  • Have the authority to invest on behalf of the individual/ company in Uprise shares.
  • Be a passionate believer in Equity Crowdfunding and its associated benefits to grow our SA economy.
What are the deliverables of a Fundraising Partner?
The deliverables include :
  • Pre-agreed level of monthly investment targets which will be incentivized on the achievement thereof.
  • The fundraising partner is expected to be available for profiling/ featuring on Uprise.Africa’s website.
  • Candidate may be required to attend board meetings on request.
  • Candidate will be required to attend all investment sub-committee meetings.