Uprise.Africa is looking for Distribution Partners to Promote Uprise Africa Campaigns Via online or offline Marketing /Advertising

Overview of the Uprise.Africa Distribution Partners:
  • The entrepreneurs/SME/ DealPipeline Partners submits a pitch on Uprise.Africa.
  • The Pitch goes Lives after Financial & Legal Due Diligence and subsequent Approvals from Uprise Africa investment Committee.
  • The approved Distribution Partner will be assigned a Campaign on their Dashboard.
  • The Distribution Partner will use its online or offline platform to Market / Advertise the assigned campaigns and can monitor real time investments on the campaign.
Nature of the relationship:
  • Distribution Partner may be featured/profiled on our website.
  • We will need to enter into a non-circumvention agreement.
  • The Distribution partner will be entitled to its Commission , when Uprise.Africa receives full payment from the investors (******) in its bank account or another nominated bank account, for a subscription of shares in Uprise.Africa and the relevant subscription agreement becomes unconditional
  • 2% of the monetary value paid to Uprise.Africa on behalf of the *** retail investor to subscribe for shares in Uprise.Africa.
  • The Commission shall include VAT and relevant taxes and charges;

How you can partner with us

Uprise.Africa is keen to expand its distribution reach by partnering with online digital agencies who have access to big online data bases and extensive networks.

How do I become a Distribution Partner?

One becomes a Distribution Partner by applying on the Uprise.Africa web-site and demonstrating access and skills to drive greater distribution.
Coupled with industry experience and an industry relevant network database, a passionate belief in the importance of and the benefits of Equity Crowdfunding investing is essential.

What is the criterion to become a Distribution Partner?
The key criteria include:
  • Proven track record of professional affiliate marketing.
  • Experienced leverage to aligned investor data bases and networks.
What are the deliverables of a Distribution Partner?
The deliverables include:
  • Be a conduit to drive increased levels of investment.
  • Communication to a large investor network database to raise capital for businesses on Uprise.Africa’s platform.
  • Marketing and ownership of advertising spend on digital campaigns.
  • Use of Affiliate codes for journey analytics as evidence of respective investment success.