We are South Africa’s first and leading equity crowdfunding platform that has become a new innovative space. Our focus is on capital raising and business investments by linking both the online and real-world ecosystems. Our powerful network of partners adds substantial value to our brand, investors, and entrepreneurs.

We are now looking for On-Boarding Partners (OBPs) to be involved in Advising / Preparing Businesses in South Africa for private businesses / entrepreneurs looking to raise funds.

As an Uprise-Africa On-Boarding Partner, you will have a dedicated dash board to prepare and submit a pitch on behalf of your entrepreneurs on Uprise Africa platform; you will be allowed to charge the initial on-boarding fees to the entrepreneur; and once the approved pitch goes live, you will be able to monitor real-time investments into your submitted pitches.

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A Zimbabwean born journalist and public relations consultant who, for the past 10 years, has been a resident of South Africa. He writes on arts, entertainment, media, lifestyle, aviation, travel and tourism. Martin is a PR Manager and blog writer for CreativeMagic Group.

How to become an On-Boarding Partner (OBP)?

To become an OBP with Uprise Africa, register on our web-site for approval by our dedicated professional team. You are expected to have industry experience and an entrepreneur/startup network, a passionate belief in the importance of and the benefits of equity crowdfunding investing is essential. Once approval is given, a dedicated deal dashboard will be created for you.

You will also need to have a comprehensive track record of building funding readiness programmes.

There are several deliverables expected from an OBP, including, being a conduit to drive increased quality investment opportunities on the platform; to do this, one would need to both source and prepare entrepreneurs; receiving full support on the pitch building, with all associated marketing and PR support and to on-board as the final step.

You may want to know more about your potential role as an OBP? It is the practice of taking a first time client to engage in business. The role of the OBP is to make sure the client, entrepreneur, private business or potential customer buys into the service offered through creating and establishing a transparent relationship, attending to potential grey areas that client may raise, appraise the client on anything that may affect its prospect to on-board, and maximize the opportunity to get the project off the ground smoothly.

One of the main focuses of the OBP is to ensure that as you get to finalize the client on-boarding procedure all the signs are evident for the client to be happily associated with the Uprise Africa as the crowdfunding platform, and also that they will get what they want from the relationship.

If you feel you have what it takes to work as an OBP with Uprise Africa, this is your chance, visit and register on our website .