The small business sector in South Africa, which has operators running into thousands and rising almost daily, has so much potential for developing the country’s economy.

However, while it is critical for the sector to know the best ways to raise finance, the sector would have an upper in knowing the advantages that are found in sourcing funds and in particular crowdfunding.

Disadvantages exist though in crowdfunding, and yet it’s the advantages that tend to be more appealing since the attitude in business should always be to be very positive when implementing plans to sustain one’s commercial operation.

The several advantages that equity crowdfunding can provide a small business should excite anyone intending to start a start-up or already in business. The list of advantages is long, but listing down a few would go a long way in helping to understand what they are

Some advantages are:

  • A quick method of accessing capital
  • A valuable platform for business promotion especially when the start-up is seeking finance through an online platform.
  • Businesses can receive feedback and sound financial advice from industry experts
  • A good way to find out what the target market/public think of your company and products
  • It is easy for those looking to put money into your business to follow its development

This is where we at Uprise Africa come in handy to provide a ready platform to get access to these advantages and enable your small business to survive and establish itself.

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