Uprise Africa Wins International Award

Uprise Africa Wins International Award

Uprise Africa, South Africa’s leading crowdfunding platform has been awarded 2019’s Best New Online Platform For Investments by International Finance (UK). International Finance is a premium financial and business analysis magazine published by UK’s top International Finance Publications.

“We are pleased to inform you that Uprise Africa has emerged as an award winner for Best New Online Platform For Investments 2019. IFM would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Team Uprise Africa on winning the award!” read a message from the awards organisers. The award sees Uprise Africa being noted among some of the leading global players in the finance community. A total of 47 categories were drawn from crowdfunding, investment management, venture capital, consumer finance, investment advisory, asset management, microfinance, financial services provision, supply chain financing, leasing, stock market index provision, digital banking and more. This is an affirmation of Uprise Africa’s sterling and ground-breaking work in the crowdfunding field in South Africa.

The award also comes at a time when the company is still in celebratory mood as a result of the historical fund raising for one of its clients Integreatme, which managed to raise R32-million, surpassing the initial target of R24-million in less than 14 days. “International Finance’s Financial Awards aim to reward and recognise the contribution of financial companies, which include path-breaking initiatives in corporate social financial responsibility or charitable activities, corporate governance and activities that benefits the global finance community, in addition to their outstanding performance in the respective fields” according to the site Internationalfinance.com.

With a discerning focus on emerging markets, International Finance provides news, analysis and commentary from a range of industry experts, contributors and writers. The editorial team’s endeavour is to address economic and business developments, and provide engaging, informative and factual content everyday.

For more on the awards go to https://awards.internationalfinance.com/award-winners/winners-of-financial-awards-2019/

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