Agri2rise-the future of Agri-food businesses in Africa

Agri2rise-the future of Agri-food businesses in Africa

By now we probably know the basics of Equity Crowdfunding….

That it is the process by which people invest in a business that is not listed on a stock exchange, in exchange for ownership of equity shares in that company. Of course, just like any other investment, listed or not, there are risks of capital loss associated with investing for equity.

These risks can be reduced or avoided with a proper and professional analysis of the investment case, care taken before buying the shares and transparency. This can be achieved by using an equity crowdfunding platform that is well regulated by financial regulatory bodies such as the FSB (Financial Services Board).

We at Uprise. Africa, are one such platform. Our company is the first and only regulated equity crowdfunding platform in South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

Now we are proud to be have been selected as the platform that will power Agri2Rise, an equity crowdfunding initiative for innovative Agri-food businesses from farm to fork.

Agri2Rise is disrupting the traditional funding landscape with an alternative method for agribusinesses to raise capital, thus making the funding landscape more accessible to both entrepreneurs and investors. This is the future of South Africa’s food security industry and the continent as a whole.

The forecasts in terms of numbers in the agriculture industries in Africa is impressive. The continent’s agribusiness industry is estimated to be worth $1 trillion by 2030; its population growth projected to be about 2.4 billion by 2050 and 4.1 billion by 2100.

Furthermore, Africa is set to have about 48% of the globe’s population aged 14 and under by 2100 while possessing the world’s unused arable land at 60%.

Agriculture in Africa
It is widely agreed that the African continent has enormous potential to feed itself, eliminate food insecurity, and more importantly be a major player in the global food system. This potential lies in the vast tracks of arable land that are found here, in the huge market potential presented by the fast-growing population and perhaps in our most important resource in the form of the growing population of young men and women who enter the labour market.

A special feature of African agriculture in comparison to the rest of the world is that the sector has continued to absorb a large proportion of the working population. “Half of all new entrants to Africa’s working population have turned to agriculture, whereas in Asia, this statistic is only 30%. In the developed world, the number of farmers is declining,” according to New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).

The agricultural sector remains a major sector in most African economies with NEPAD’s agricultural outlook report, stating that “agricultural production in Africa has increased steadily over the last 30 years: its value has almost tripled (+160%), showing an increase that clearly exceeds the growth rate for global agricultural production over the same period (+100%), almost identical to that of South America (+174%), and below but comparable to growth in Asia (+212%)”.

The challenge of funding
As expected, the above-mentioned success in African agriculture presents its challenges. Even with the reported increased production, there has been little improvement in production factors including labour productivity and mechanization, both of which are capital intensive. Research shows that the major African investors in agriculture are farmers themselves. They invest around $100 billion every year in their farms, despite the almost total lack of credit facilities for the vast majority of them.

Equity Crowdfunding
Equity Crowdfunding, therefore comes in to remove some of the challenges faced in accessing finances for the African agribusiness sector. The fundraising method is rapidly changing the way innovation is driven, including bringing inclusion, transformation, and growth in agriculture.

This soon to come Agri2Rise equity crowdfunding initiative bears testament to one of Uprise Africa’s main objectives, to empower Africans to raise each other up, one business at a time.

To view our investment page visit and register to become and investor or start raise your own business capital today.

Potterheads, grab your wands it’s time to kick muggle!

Potterheads, grab your wands it’s time to kick muggle!

Their crowdfunding journey has just wrapped up on Uprise.Africa, so now our friends at Beerhouse Tygervalley are focusing on taking their new and improved business to its community!

We will keep you posted on their upcoming events, including the official launch of the Tygervalley branch…more on that later.

In the meantime check out one of the cool events lined up by the “beer revolutionaries” in this month.

Beerhouse Tygervalley in association with OMG Quiz Nights will be hosting a Haloween Harry Potter quiz and inviting all potter heads to join in on the fun for this magical evening. Come dressed in your best robes. The best -dressed team will win a spot prize.

The competition will take place at the local bar on the 30th of October at 7 pm.

Are you one of those people who only vaguely know who or what Harry Potter is?? Well, let us enlighten you a bit.
Harry Potter is a series of fantasy novels written by British author J. K Rowling which was later adapted into a movie. Harry Potter and The Chamber of Secret, Harry Potter and The Philosopher’s Stone, Harry Potter and The Deadly Hallows to name a few.

In short its a mega hit, almost a cultural phenomenon, if havent heard of it… WHERE HAVE BEEN???!

But fear not, this event is sure to bring you up to speed as there will be fanatics galore to bring you up to speed!

This legion of fans, also referred to as Harry Potter Fandoms, has grown tremendously over the years and they have been obsessed with the wizarding world of Harry Potter for two decades and counting. The fandom participates in entertainment activities that revolve around the books and movies, such as engaging in role-playing games, fan conventions etc.

So what makes you a Potter head?
• You have watched all the movies.
• You own the books.
• Have read almost all of them.
• Know all the latest Harry Potter news.
• Have favourite quotes from the movies and books.
• Know them by heart.
• You dress up for movie premiers.
• Have favourite scenes from the movie
• Follow the actors’ careers and lifestyles.
• Read anything else j. K Rowling writes.

If you tick all these boxes then you stand a good chance of winning the quiz. Questions will be based on the movies and books. Participants must be in a team of 4-6 people to partake.
Be sure not to miss out on the fun!
Epic beer prizes to be won!

Beerhouse Tygervalley’s equity crowdfunding campaign has just ended and saw them successfully raising over 1,4 million rand.

This is the kind of support Uprise.Africa is proud to provide budding businesses in South Africa and we wont stop now! If you missed this investment opportunity, worry not! We have new exciting upcoming campaigns to look out for.

Follow this link to browse through multiple startups owned by local entrepreneurs  and see how you can invest:   



Mastering the art of investing

Mastering the art of investing

“Never invest in a business you cannot understand!”
These are the words of Warren Buffet, the legendary American investor who is today one of the richest men on Planet Earth. As the CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, Buffet built his empire from scratch, over a period of time, and he is today worth more than $80 billion!

In the investment field, patience is a virtue and understanding how businesses operate and how markets work will determine if you succeed or fail as an investor.
Why do you want to become an investor? Surely, this is one of the main questions which come to mind before embarking on a journey to become an investor. Your answer to this question is the foundation on which you can begin to start preparing your “investor’s mindset”, which is in turn forms the critical core of your thinking as professional in this unique field.
Having the right mindset gets you closer to owning that dream car, that beautiful home you have always dreamt about.

It is this mindset which will help you to unleash and unlock your full potential. American business coach and real estate maverick, Kris Krohn, aptly put it when he said, “if you want to be a successful investor then you have to think like one”.

Direct your mind towards positivity like you are already thriving on your investing journey, he emphasised. The good thing about investing is that you don’t need to be already rich. You can start with the little money that you have.
Save! Save!Save!
The key to building wealth is developing good habits… like monitoring your ways of spending and saving. Save before spending! Make sure you put some money away every month if you have to. Start with small amounts of money and then increase as you get more comfortable with the process. Get yourself into the habit of spending less and saving more!

Have a financial plan

Set a timeline for yourself which outlines that over a certain period you would have saved a certain amount then set a target to keep yourself disciplined and stick to it. As much as investing doesn’t need huge amounts of money, however, at some stage in your journey, you will have to pool out oodles of money in an investment.

Have a mentor or financial advisor

As an aspiring investor, you already have successful investors that you look up to. It is now time to get closer to the ‘bagholders’ and have a seat at their table. Having a mentor puts one in a better position of becoming successful than failing because you will be guided by a professional who has first- hand experience.You are about to walk the road your mentor has travelled ahead of you; their guidance and support will be valuable to you as a beginner or investor. A mentor will keep inquiring to ensure that you achieve all the goals you set for yourself. Have as many mentors as you like to learn as much as you can.

Get basic knowledge and training
Financial education should be your first investment! With the ocean of information available in this era, beginners can learn more about the particulars, characteristics and mechanics of investing and investments on the internet. From the type of investments one can look for to benefits, advantages and disadvantages.
One can even enrol for a short course in investments to acquire additional information. Attend investment seminars with your mentor, moonlight them to get basic training.

Start investing: Look for good investment deals
Now that you know everything a beginner should know, it’s time to start investing. Generally, what every investor wants in investment are good returns. However, how do you tell if it’s good or risk?

As a novice, you have to do thorough research about the company, its CEO, shareholders, its market price.
Any seasoned investor would tell you that making a long-term investment is risky because the market is unpredictable and can change anytime, rather start small and see how it goes before making extensive investment commitments. Evaluate the deal, speak to an expert to see if you are on the right track and not heading for a fall.

Look at other investment opportunities and compare before making your decision.

Once you have mastered all these basics then you are well on your way to becoming not only a professional investor but successful one as well.

Invest with Uprise.Africa and maybe you can become the next Warren Buffet.
For more information and investment opportunities that may interest you visit http://localhost/uprise_africa/.

Vote for The Sun Exchange to scoop the Disruptor Daily Blockchain Energy Award!

Vote for The Sun Exchange to scoop the Disruptor Daily Blockchain Energy Award!

One of our favorite new players on the Equity Crowdfunding market is up for a major award already! Oh yes, The Sun Exchange is receiving major props for its unique and trans-formative business concept having just been nominated for the Disruptor Daily Blockchain Energy Award.

Let’s start by understanding what Blockchain technology is…

Blockchain technology is a growing list of records, called blocks, that are linked using cryptography to network with each other. Each block contains a cryptographic hash of the previous block, a timestamp, and transaction data. It holds the endless potential to intensely disrupt a broad spectrum of industries beyond the storage and transfer of value, and decentralize almost any system.

It is believed that blockchain technology will essentially change our everyday lives to the way businesses serve the world…And as a result, a good one at that, The Sun Exchange has been nominated as one of the blockchain technology for the energy industry. The award highlights companies that are truly leveraging the blockchain for all its potential, developing practical use cases for blockchain technology and driving its adoption.

The Sun Exchange has leveraged the blockchain and finance innovation to accelerate sustainable development and the global transition to clean energy. It also utilises the power of cryptocurrency to allow almost anyone, anywhere in the world, to purchase and own solar cells to help power emerging markets.

Solar cell owners earn a monthly income from the electricity produced, paid in cryptocurrency, while businesses and organisations in developing regions gain access to low-cost clean energy.

Not only is Sun Exchange creating affordable clean energy for South Africa, but for other countries too, which are struggling with low-cost clean energy. Clean energy has since sparked a lot of interest and attention from the audience, hence they are looking to expand to other countries.

Sun Exchange is growing rapidly, with 11 fully-operational solar projects in South Africa, powering schools, hospitals, old-age homes, and non-profit organisations. To make these projects possible, the Sun Exchange online platform has more than a thousand users and growing, across over 130 countries, who are now earning from the SUN!

This crowdfunding campaign is left with 21 days to raise R7 million from the South African public in exchange of 5.22% ownership, with R2 million already been raised. You too, still have a chance to invest and become a part of a company of the future.

Disruptor daily blockchain energy awards help companies to develop practical use cases for the energy industry, and this year (2019) being their first annual Blockchain Energy Use Awards.

Companies have been nominated by readers and have until the 11th of October 2019 to vote for their favourite use case. This is an opportunity to vote for a company that has the most practical blockchain use chain for the energy industry.

This is how the voting works, follow this link

Step 1 – Vote for the nominated company

Step 2 – Cast your vote

Step 3 – Share the page and encourage others to vote!

Has this sparked your interest in the Sun Exchange? Visit to find out how you too can invest.



Help make a change and bring sunnier days to Mzansi with Uprise Africa

Help make a change and bring sunnier days to Mzansi with Uprise Africa

There is a huge energy shortage in this world, and especially in Africa, no doubt about that.

Solar power is the fast becoming the most feasible way of deploying new energy generation capacity to deal with the growing demand for energy in this highly industrialised era we live in. Not only that but solar power is the cheapest form of energy meaning that those who use solar cells ultimately have lower energy costs.

Creating clean and affordable energy is a matter of urgency in South Africa, but so is the need for sustainable finance and job creation.

As you might also know, the unemployment rate has taken its toll in South Africa, currently sitting at 29 percent and has increased in the second quarter of 2019 from 27.6 percent in the previous period. It is the highest jobless rate since the first quarter of 2003, as the number of unemployed rose by 455 000 to 6.65 million. That’s rough!

Not only is there a higher rate of unemployment, but the ever-increasing population making the demand for clean energy high.

Because of a growing interest in renewable low-cost energy, solar cells have gained a lot of interest ever since.

One of Uprise Africa’s current running equity crowdfunding campaigns is focused a business that has identified all these set backs and has come up with an amazing solution. The Sun Exchange business solution is all this wrapped up in one plus more.

But first, let’s get into how clean energy will create a sustainable finance and job creation.

Unlike with coal which is very expensive and found mostly in Mpumalanga, meaning that job opportunities are limited only in that area; solar cells are installed throughout the country in buildings that use electricity to operate. There will be a growing need for more workers: manufacturing workers to make solar panels, construction workers to build power plants, solar cell installers, and so on.

“Someone can and will be employed to install solar powers on the roof of the buildings, so we are creating safer jobs which are better for health and have better savings for businesses ultimately,” said Abe Cambridge, the founder, and CEO of sun exchange.

He further notes that sun exchange is an answer to South African load shedding, although the reason they are raising capital is to expand and accommodate the neighboring countries which are also struggling with clean low-cost energy. Cambidge alludes to the example of Uganda, being a country he grew up in, in which some of its areas spend almost three days a week without electricity.

Such shocking statistics are some of the reasons why this business pitched the idea to Uprise.Africa so that they can expand to other regions that have a higher demand for clean low costs energy.

Solar power is at a point where it is competing against diesel fuel for energy, meaning that it can half the energy costs of businesses that already rely on back up diesel generation.

As a result of global warming, the heat is melting glaciers and sea ice and setting animals on the move. Which is why clean energy is forever being promot

The opportunity to invest and get equity in this business is still available, with just 23 days left for the general public of South Africa to become a part of the energy company of the future.

Invest today and allow your investment to create jobs and sustainable finance.

Visit: and also see more of the doors that The Sun Exchange is opening and how you can get involved.


If “a penny saved is a penny earned”, imagine what a penny doubled can do for you!

If “a penny saved is a penny earned”, imagine what a penny doubled can do for you!

“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” African proverb.

This proverb has been around for ages and it still applies in this technologically driven and crazy world. An age dominated by millennials venturing into multi-million dollar start-up business ventures and whose obsession is nothing other than to be uber rich.

No matter what your circumstances are, one of the best ways to become “somebody” in life is to go by the above saying that has existed since time immemorial. Not only has it existed for ages, but it has also proven to work for those who take heed of it.

So from a practical POV, what does this really mean for the ordinary layman on the street?

Well, let’s break things down a bit.

November, the famed bonus month, is almost upon us, a time most people, among the working class, get to be paid “extra” in the form of bonuses by their bosses. Hence, a lot of us tend to get a tad ‘excited’ at the prospect of finally experiencing the once-off and end of year hefty pay check.

Before the fever hits, however, it is important to remind ourselves to take a big chill pill and reflect a little on the well-known aftermath of this fever pitch period.

They say the best defense is offence, and this is most true at this time of the year, but what kind of preparations can one make in the face of pure financial recklessness?

Well, this is the time to start buttressing your finances, start looking at opportunities that come our way or we have heard of, so that we buffer our pockets and by the time holiday time comes, you actually spend what you can AFFORD!

Look at it this way, while the bonus amounts will obviously have an already existing financial gap to fill, there is also at the same time the chance that you might have some pennies to spare. In the latter case, do not be tempted to spend that extra penny, rather seek opportunities to direct the pennies to other profitable channels like investments.

Uprise Africa, being a great investment platform that has been scooping awards – at home and internationally – for what it knows best, always avails smart and viable business opportunities for anyone who cares to uplift their lives financially. It’s even quite affordable to invest with us, looking at that the minimum amount required from any person and for any crowdfunding venture on our platforms is just a mere R1000 (Yes, one thousand only).

But as the wise old African proverb suggests, the planning should be done right now, rather than later. So get to plan how to spread your finances, while the time still allows. For tomorrow you will be one of the people who will have a great and enviable future through your wise investments with Uprise Africa.

Do not say we have not warned you! A brighter and better future begins with choosing the right start-up platform on Uprise Africa now.

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