Uprise.Africa welcomes you on-board!

Uprise.Africa welcomes you on-board!

We are South Africa’s first and leading equity crowdfunding platform that has become a new innovative space. Our focus is on capital raising and business investments by linking both the online and real-world ecosystems. Our powerful network of partners adds substantial value to our brand, investors, and entrepreneurs.

We are now looking for On-Boarding Partners (OBPs) to be involved in Advising / Preparing Businesses in South Africa for private businesses / entrepreneurs looking to raise funds.

As an Uprise-Africa On-Boarding Partner, you will have a dedicated dash board to prepare and submit a pitch on behalf of your entrepreneurs on Uprise Africa platform; you will be allowed to charge the initial on-boarding fees to the entrepreneur; and once the approved pitch goes live, you will be able to monitor real-time investments into your submitted pitches.

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How to become an On-Boarding Partner (OBP)?

To become an OBP with Uprise Africa, register on our web-site for approval by our dedicated professional team. You are expected to have industry experience and an entrepreneur/startup network, a passionate belief in the importance of and the benefits of equity crowdfunding investing is essential. Once approval is given, a dedicated deal dashboard will be created for you.

You will also need to have a comprehensive track record of building funding readiness programmes.

There are several deliverables expected from an OBP, including, being a conduit to drive increased quality investment opportunities on the platform; to do this, one would need to both source and prepare entrepreneurs; receiving full support on the pitch building, with all associated marketing and PR support and to on-board as the final step.

You may want to know more about your potential role as an OBP? It is the practice of taking a first time client to engage in business. The role of the OBP is to make sure the client, entrepreneur, private business or potential customer buys into the service offered through creating and establishing a transparent relationship, attending to potential grey areas that client may raise, appraise the client on anything that may affect its prospect to on-board, and maximize the opportunity to get the project off the ground smoothly.

One of the main focuses of the OBP is to ensure that as you get to finalize the client on-boarding procedure all the signs are evident for the client to be happily associated with the Uprise Africa as the crowdfunding platform, and also that they will get what they want from the relationship.

If you feel you have what it takes to work as an OBP with Uprise Africa, this is your chance, visit and register on our website .

Mzansi Ladies RISE UP-RAISE FUNDS with Crowdfunding this Women’s Month

Mzansi Ladies RISE UP-RAISE FUNDS with Crowdfunding this Women’s Month

South African women are believers, doers, achievers, ambitious, and strong. They have just come out of celebrating #Women’s Day in style.

Still, that is not enough!

Women Entrepreneurs now need to reflect on what else to do to survive and thrive especially during the rest of this Women’s Month. One thing to commit to without regret is knowing how best to raise funds for small businesses or even investing in other businesses through the platforms such as Uprise Africa’s Equity crowdfunding one.

As you wake up each day with a positive mindset, cap the awesome feeling, by adding value to your life and interacting with one of Uprise Africa’s expert consultants is one way, we are ever ready to assist your business or show you how to invest.

This August we have opened up the opportunity for women entrepreneurs, to raise between R3 million and R250 million in exchange for equity shares through equity crowdfunding. Within the rapidly expanding alternative finance industry, Equity crowdfunding is emerging as a popular method for business rescue.

Equity crowdfunding is a mechanism by which a broad group of investors can fund the project in return for equity. The Non-Monetary motivations of Equity Crowdfunding investors, such as being part of an exciting project, or receiving non-tangible rewards can explain, why they may be willing to accept more risk or less return than traditional risk capital investors.

With us, investing in early-stage businesses and startups can be very rewarding for any woman, but comes with its risks and challenges. These risks include dilution, liquidity, and loss of investment and rarity of dividends which is why investment should only occur as part of a diversified portfolio.

Equity Crowdfunding is not only targeted specifically at sophisticated Investors (women or men) who are sufficiently aware of these risks and make informed decisions but even an amateur investor can be hand-held through the professional and easy steps on how to make that important decision and finally invest.

You will only be able to invest via Uprise.Africa once you have passed our application process and registered on our platform. This aspect is sort of a vetting exercise to ensure compliance guidelines of the financial authorities in South Africa. It also a way to offer adequate guarantees and safety on the money that you’ll have invested. What more peace of mind do you expect after placing an investment with us?

Beyond our online marketing tool that creates a platform for business owners and entrepreneurs to market-test business plans and sells equity to potential investors; we pride ourselves on our secure online platform adhering to all required regulations and compliance parameters during the investment process and the roles and responsibilities between the investors are strictly governed by contractual agreements.

In the financial world, the use of online platforms to raise funds is a relatively new and uncharted territory, which can result in potential financial risks for investors. Uprise Africa is aware of these risks and consistently updates its processes to effectively report and address any potential fraudulent behavior in the network, as well as working with partners on best practices around authentication and fraud monitoring.

We are proud to be acknowledged as the “one true equity crowdfunding platform in South Africa” by the Fin-tech Scoping report conducted by Genesis Analytics in collaboration with The World Bank and Intergovernmental Fin-Tech Working Group (IFWG) in South Africa.

Women in South Africa should be wise enough, not only during this Women’s Month but beyond this period, that through crowdfunding for their businesses or making an investment, they can avert financial insecurity, poverty, and inequality.

Wishing you a happy raise for your business and equity buying, now and in the future.

View our Uprise.Africa Raise Capital page and register to start raising your own business capital today.

Another award caps Uprise Africa’s year of great success!

Another award caps Uprise Africa’s year of great success!

Uprise Africa, the in-demand and innovative crowdfunding platform, is ending the year on a high after scooping yet another prestigious accolade.

The prestigious ICT Startup Award (SME Category) was received at the GovTech 2019 SITA Digital Service Awards that ran from 28 to 30 October at the Inkosi Albert Luthuli ICC Complex, Durban (KZN). This rounds-off an amazing year for the trailblazing South African company with a growing reputation across the African continent.

Conference and Awards:

Short for “government technology”, GovTech is a conference and awards event that began in 2006. The conference theme was “Digital Transformation – Gearing towards 4IR And Beyond”.

“To date, it has turned into an important feature in the government planning cycle. Fast forward into 2019, the conference continues to rally the public sector towards the need for government to adapt to, and adopt new and innovative ways of serving citizens and delivering services including the use of ICT technologies”, said Stella Ndabeni-Abrahams (Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies)

“GovTech is now a strategic platform for thought leadership in the quest by the State Information Technology Agency (SITA) in line with its legislative objective to improve service delivery by the government through the provision of ICT technologies and other systems in a secure environment.

“This year’s event takes place against the backdrop of a heightened focus on digital transformation and fourth industrial revolution hence the theme: Digital Transformation – Gearing towards 4IR And Beyond, which is a calling on all the attendants to leave no stone unturned in their quest to position the public service as the pioneers in the realization of the ideals enshrined in the National Development Plan Vision 2030 and the National ICT Policy White Paper.”

She said that both digital access, transformation, and inclusivity have been identified as three critical pillars and in consideration, the government wanted to applaud the work that men and women do under the banner of GovTech – to change mindsets, develop skills, promote innovation and transform the industry.

“Ensuring that the SMMEs and co-operatives are drawn into the digital economy remains the preoccupation of this government to realize digital inclusivity, therefore, the role extended to the small businesses to partake, benefit and grow from their association with the event has been a regular sub-theme of the conference and that is laudable,” explained the Minister.

Since Uprise Africa was formed, the Sandton City, Johannesburg based company has been the go-to platform for savvy start-ups in need of finance through crowdfunding. As well, the platform continues to provide investors on the look-out for opportunities to partake in early-stage entrepreneurial businesses.

Winning successive awards has afforded Uprise Africa the much-needed opportunity to keep trending in the South African crowdfunding space, with companies like Integreatme raising almost one and a half times than its target. Several awards were won along the way and underlining the brand’s impact on the market.

Awards are an indication of a company’s performance in its industry and its potential to build a brand’s image in the market is huge. They also are important in directing investors where to find the best start-ups to place their hard-earned cash and see it grow. In this case, the awards show that Uprise Africa is the best crowdfunding platform for entrepreneurs and therefore the best to provide investment opportunities.

Visit https://uprise.africa right now for perfect investments.

Agri2rise-the future of Agri-food businesses in Africa

Agri2rise-the future of Agri-food businesses in Africa

By now we probably know the basics of Equity Crowdfunding….

That it is the process by which people invest in a business that is not listed on a stock exchange, in exchange for ownership of equity shares in that company. Of course, just like any other investment, listed or not, there are risks of capital loss associated with investing for equity.

These risks can be reduced or avoided with a proper and professional analysis of the investment case, care taken before buying the shares and transparency. This can be achieved by using an equity crowdfunding platform that is well regulated by financial regulatory bodies such as the FSB (Financial Services Board).

We at Uprise. Africa, are one such platform. Our company is the first and only regulated equity crowdfunding platform in South Africa and the rest of the African continent.

Now we are proud to be have been selected as the platform that will power Agri2Rise, an equity crowdfunding initiative for innovative Agri-food businesses from farm to fork.

Agri2Rise is disrupting the traditional funding landscape with an alternative method for agribusinesses to raise capital, thus making the funding landscape more accessible to both entrepreneurs and investors. This is the future of South Africa’s food security industry and the continent as a whole.

The forecasts in terms of numbers in the agriculture industries in Africa is impressive. The continent’s agribusiness industry is estimated to be worth $1 trillion by 2030; its population growth projected to be about 2.4 billion by 2050 and 4.1 billion by 2100.

Furthermore, Africa is set to have about 48% of the globe’s population aged 14 and under by 2100 while possessing the world’s unused arable land at 60%.

Agriculture in Africa
It is widely agreed that the African continent has enormous potential to feed itself, eliminate food insecurity, and more importantly be a major player in the global food system. This potential lies in the vast tracks of arable land that are found here, in the huge market potential presented by the fast-growing population and perhaps in our most important resource in the form of the growing population of young men and women who enter the labour market.

A special feature of African agriculture in comparison to the rest of the world is that the sector has continued to absorb a large proportion of the working population. “Half of all new entrants to Africa’s working population have turned to agriculture, whereas in Asia, this statistic is only 30%. In the developed world, the number of farmers is declining,” according to New Partnership for Africa’s Development (NEPAD).

The agricultural sector remains a major sector in most African economies with NEPAD’s agricultural outlook report, stating that “agricultural production in Africa has increased steadily over the last 30 years: its value has almost tripled (+160%), showing an increase that clearly exceeds the growth rate for global agricultural production over the same period (+100%), almost identical to that of South America (+174%), and below but comparable to growth in Asia (+212%)”.

The challenge of funding
As expected, the above-mentioned success in African agriculture presents its challenges. Even with the reported increased production, there has been little improvement in production factors including labour productivity and mechanization, both of which are capital intensive. Research shows that the major African investors in agriculture are farmers themselves. They invest around $100 billion every year in their farms, despite the almost total lack of credit facilities for the vast majority of them.

Equity Crowdfunding
Equity Crowdfunding, therefore comes in to remove some of the challenges faced in accessing finances for the African agribusiness sector. The fundraising method is rapidly changing the way innovation is driven, including bringing inclusion, transformation, and growth in agriculture.

This soon to come Agri2Rise equity crowdfunding initiative bears testament to one of Uprise Africa’s main objectives, to empower Africans to raise each other up, one business at a time.

To view our investment page visit https://uprise.africa/discover/ and register to become and investor or start raise your own business capital today.

If “a penny saved is a penny earned”, imagine what a penny doubled can do for you!

If “a penny saved is a penny earned”, imagine what a penny doubled can do for you!

“For tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today” African proverb.

This proverb has been around for ages and it still applies in this technologically driven and crazy world. An age dominated by millennials venturing into multi-million dollar start-up business ventures and whose obsession is nothing other than to be uber rich.

No matter what your circumstances are, one of the best ways to become “somebody” in life is to go by the above saying that has existed since time immemorial. Not only has it existed for ages, but it has also proven to work for those who take heed of it.

So from a practical POV, what does this really mean for the ordinary layman on the street?

Well, let’s break things down a bit.

November, the famed bonus month, is almost upon us, a time most people, among the working class, get to be paid “extra” in the form of bonuses by their bosses. Hence, a lot of us tend to get a tad ‘excited’ at the prospect of finally experiencing the once-off and end of year hefty pay check.

Before the fever hits, however, it is important to remind ourselves to take a big chill pill and reflect a little on the well-known aftermath of this fever pitch period.

They say the best defense is offence, and this is most true at this time of the year, but what kind of preparations can one make in the face of pure financial recklessness?

Well, this is the time to start buttressing your finances, start looking at opportunities that come our way or we have heard of, so that we buffer our pockets and by the time holiday time comes, you actually spend what you can AFFORD!

Look at it this way, while the bonus amounts will obviously have an already existing financial gap to fill, there is also at the same time the chance that you might have some pennies to spare. In the latter case, do not be tempted to spend that extra penny, rather seek opportunities to direct the pennies to other profitable channels like investments.

Uprise Africa, being a great investment platform that has been scooping awards – at home and internationally – for what it knows best, always avails smart and viable business opportunities for anyone who cares to uplift their lives financially. It’s even quite affordable to invest with us, looking at that the minimum amount required from any person and for any crowdfunding venture on our platforms is just a mere R1000 (Yes, one thousand only).

But as the wise old African proverb suggests, the planning should be done right now, rather than later. So get to plan how to spread your finances, while the time still allows. For tomorrow you will be one of the people who will have a great and enviable future through your wise investments with Uprise Africa.

Do not say we have not warned you! A brighter and better future begins with choosing the right start-up platform on Uprise Africa now.

For the latest investment opportunities now go to http://bit.ly/HowitWorksUpriseAfrica